Top 3 Professional Magento 2 B2B Theme Choices

Because of the diversity of retail merchants, B2B companies are essential in every industry, from manufacturing to retail. They are growing when companies change the way to engage with suppliers. However, it remains many challenges for B2B businesses to approach their potential customers, including seeking a proper Magento 2 B2B theme.

This article is going to introduce top 3 Professional Magento 2 B2B Theme Choices that help attract more visitors.

1. Amalgam

Amalgam is a perfect solution if you want to boost your wholesale store. This Magento B2B theme will impress customers with a clean and modern design. Moreover, you may find additional page layouts (homepage, product page, header and footer) in the included pack. 



In addition, helpful plugins, widgets, and also professional extensions are provided in the theme package. With powerful tools such as Ajax Catalog & Search, Theme Options & Layout Switcher, Sorting Options, the theme is definitely the top professional Magento 2 B2B theme choices.



Amalgam is always recommended by customers for its dynamic design and valuable inside extension. With positive rates and reviews, this will be a considerable Magento 2 B2B theme that keeps your website fresh and attract new visitors.

2. Magentique

Magentique is one of the most Magento 2 responsive themes, which is mostly fit all screen sizes and resolution. The theme has a bright and natural look, so it can be suitable for furniture and interior stores. 



Besides a unique look and design, this Magento B2B theme also provides powerful tools for professional navigation without technical skills. Megamenu included in the theme allows you to easily manage different categories, subcategories with different content and products.


The template is recognized and reviewed as an awesome Magento 2 B2B theme due to its useful functionality and editable tools. Most of the users feel Magentique is a bang for their buck.

3. Hefflem

Hefflem will be the last Magento B2B theme candidate on our list with a lot of suitable factors for a B2B firm. This theme is particularly designed for professional suppliers. The theme presents an elegant and chic vibe for middle-age buyers, so it seems to be appropriate for kitchen and laundry equipment providers. 



Hefflem combines a lot of effective features and convenient functionality in this template. For example, the store owner can gain more orders and followers with the Newsletter Pop-up module alone. 



All the customers who have been experiencing this theme say they can build perfect kitchen and furniture supplies websites. Additionally, each client purchasing this theme will be fully supported by the developer team that keeps them out of any trouble with the operation.  

Wrapping up

The B2B industries are growing rapidly as the digital breakthrough and internet revolution. It leads to intense competition among businesses. Thus, taking advantage of e-commerce tools, especially Magento B2B theme, will be the best bridge linking B2B businesses to their buyers.

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Top 5 Magento 2 Theme Responsive Choices

Why Magento 2 Theme Responsive matters?

Magento 2 theme responsive is also necessary for your business when it can help provide an optimal viewing experience in a wide range of devices from large, high-resolution, desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones. Accordingly, it can make customers feel more exciting when browsing your store.

So this post will suggest Top 5 Magento 2 Theme Responsive that helps store owners build up a more aesthetic website.

Top 5 Magento 2 Theme Responsive choices


Claue is an excellent theme for a clean and modern-oriented e-commerce site. The template offers more than 20 homepage layouts and tons of extensions like Megamenu, Store locator, One-step checkout, Daily deals, Advanced reports, Quick view, etc. 

Moreover, Claue is superior to other Magento 2 themes due to its features, including detailed documentation and guides, easy grid configuration, edit CMS content, integration with Instagram shop, etc.


With only $99 for the regular license, this theme will be one of the best Magento 2 theme responsive choices for any kind of e-commerce site.


Porto is simply regarded as a better Magento 2 theme responsive option for new website design. With more than 17000 customers, this theme becomes the most popular Magento 2 theme globally. Porto appeals to new business because it can operate with a high and optimized speed that creates the mobile-friendliness. 


The most prominent feature of this theme is the high-performance framework base which makes it compatible with any screen resolutions and mobile devices. 

With the basic license for this theme starting from $99, Porto is another Magento 2 theme responsive that is worth experiencing.


Pixtron is a friendly theme in which admin doesn’t need to know much about programming. Moreover, the theme brings a clean and modern look for the frontend so that it is most used by technology and electrical devices businesses. 


Although Pixtron is a free Magento 2 theme, it performs well enough for most kinds of e-commerce stores. With the touch-optimized slideshow, featured product list and mobile responsiveness, this theme will not disappoint you.


Another free and customizable theme on the list is FreeGo – an outstanding Magento 2 theme responsive. With a colorful but elegant design, this theme can provide a dynamic feeling for buyers. 

Magento 2 theme responsive FreeGo

You can build a fully functional store by yourself with the backend panel. However, you may need to learn some user’s guides on websites about Magento because it is not included when installing.


The last one on our list of Magento 2 Theme Responsive choices is Fashion. As the name suggested, this theme is a perfect choice for not only clothes retailers but also shoes and accessories shops.


Using this free and flexible theme, admin can easily modify the layout as well as functionality in your store that creates a customized look for your website. It also encourages customers to stay longer by eye-catching and stylish overview which store owners can design on their own.

Wrapping up

Instead of a complicated process of designing a website, installing a Magento theme responsive is a better choice. With the list of Magento theme responsive above, we hope that not only giant businesses but also newbies can build their responsive sites. 

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6 Places To Look For A Magento 2 Theme Free

The appearance of Magento 2 brings store owners a greater chance to boost their e-commerce sites with a large number of new features and functions. However, the upgraded version still can not avoid the boredom itself. The platform could be much better if there were more themes to choose rather than just the default one.

For that reason, this post will suggest 6 websites in which you can get Magento 2 theme free

1.       Magento marketplace


This is the official marketplace site by Magento with a great number of extensions and themes. 

Despite the modest number of themes, this site provides store owners both among the best quality Magento themes at a reasonable price and Magento 2 theme free. By directly using free Magento 2 themes from the official marketplace, store owners can create distinct retail experiences. 

2.       Envato market


Envato is a huge store of top digital assets and services. This place will be appropriate for picky people.

The strength of this marketplace is that visitors can get unlimited Magento 2 themes with just one account. Envato is supported by a large and professional community that creates and updates new themes and templates almost every day.

3.       Colorlib



This site not only provides us free themes for Magento version 2, but it also covers premium theme collection that helps store owners easier to upgrade and change their website style.

Magento 2 theme from Colorlib is particularly suitable for new websites due to the simple looks and features. Furthermore, all of them are responsive to tablets and mobile phones. This is the reason for over 450000 visitors and page views a month.

4.       VenusTheme


Besides WordPress templates, VenusTheme also updates Magento 2 themes free with various styles and topics.

The prominent point of VenusTheme is that it has a team of skillful, qualified and up-to-date developers and marketers who constantly seek the newest and hottest trend of themes. Accordingly, you can also get long-term support from the team without paying any extra cost.

5.       TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster can be considered a useful website to get free Magento themes and templates. This is because of its friendly interface with assets and themes categorized into different sections like trending, newest, and from lowest to highest price.

TemplateMonster makes all themes manageable for anyone, a newbie or web savvy individual, to build and customize a new website working with a template using only high-quality design essentials.

6.       BssThemes


Last but not least, BssThemes by BSS e-commerce is one of the leading sources of Magento themes that help publish quality websites quickly with responsive, customizable and beautifully designed themes.

BssThemes team not only offers ready-made Magento themes, but they also help clients in theme design and create unique styles for each business. This provides a completely new experience for clients in building up their websites.

Wrapping Up

The appearance of Magento 2 leads to the demand for Magento 2 theme free and custom theme. Yet, not many of them are perfectly compatible or have high-quality standards that are practically useful for your websites. Thus, we hope that you can find the most compatible themes for your business with our suggestions.