8 Best Choices for a Magento Ecommerce Theme in 2020

Magento is a prevalent website platform that has been utilized by millions of e-shops all over the world. This open-source platform when combining with a stunning template will make all that your business needs.

Frankly, it is not a piece of cake for you to find an ideal Magento Ecommerce theme on your own since the number of templates seems unlimited. Instead of wasting hours or even days digging on the Internet, this article saves you tons of time with the best options for a Magento 2 eCommerce theme.

Go through them and get yourself one that you favor. One thing that may surprise you: They are all free.

FREE Magento Ecommerce Theme Reviews



Vigoss is such an amazing free Magento theme that is multi-functional and can be used for various eCommerce websites such as online fashion, accessories, furniture, glasses and fitness stores. On the other hand, you can entirely customize a version of Vigoss that suits you best.

Vigoss, with its clean layout, functions smoothly on all devices, from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to desktop computers.

Besides, the brand logo slider, Ajax cart, product quick view, and image gallery are some other features of the template. With Vigoss you can have a stunning eCommerce site for your business that could take you to the next level.

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As a Magento Ecommerce theme, which is free of charge but comes with premium features, Clothes Store is expected to provide you with all the needed to bring your business ideas to realization. 

Because the design is ready to put to use, all that you have to do is uploading product pictures and details. You can certainly customize your site with the theme according to your needs. 

The template’s full responsiveness allows customers to browse your online stores from all devices. Besides, your site is likely to get a gorgeous look given by the parallax effect. In short, the usefulness of Clothes Store will enormously benefit both you and the customers.



If your online store is about fitness and healthy living, FitBody is an ideal Magento Ecommerce theme for you. Also, you can apply it for other niche e-shops if you want. This versatile template will be a fit for all of your needs and requirements.

FitBody is a perfect product for all of you who are new to web design in general and Magento in particular. Even when you are just a newbie, you can still build a fantastic store for your online project with FitBody that helps you overcome all barriers and challenges.

The list or grid category view gives guests a great browsing experience. Furthermore, with other functions, namely retina readiness, parallax, sticky navigation, or lazy load effects, the template ensures to improve the shopping process better. 



Ketty, with the latest trends in web design, is surprisingly a free template which suits clothing stores best. Flexible images and texts always ensure to fit the screen size of choice.

Ketty, a stylish theme, has excellent cross-browser compatibility, so you do not need to worry about whatever changes you make to your page. Your store will be constantly kept pretty and professional, whatever browser the guests use.

Moreover, SEO optimized, this template will be given priority over others by the search engines. This is undoubtedly a Magento Ecommerce theme that cannot be missed.



The simplest is, at times, the most effective. A template contains no unnecessary clutter and no distractions. With it, your site gives the visitors a great experience of shopping.  Covering all the mentioned, it is F2.

It is packed with sales-boosting features. But most considerably, without any special technical skills, you can build your professional online shops on your own. The layout is so clean that you can easily navigate the interface. Visitors will quickly find the wanted products and the purchasing process will not take much time.

Unique catalog and product pages, two of the most critical segments of your eCommerce site, will persuade the visitors to turn into your customers. Make use of them effectively, and you’ll new sales coming in soon after the official launch.



Ebajes has a very similar look to eBay, which makes it fit any online electronics store. Although free, it includes outstanding paid features to create a pro-level eCommerce website. 

It functions seamlessly on all devices, namely mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Its minimal look facilitates loading speeds, giving the customers an excellent experience of shopping.

Your web design can be efficiently adjusted to meet your needs, thanks to the custom admin panel. Utilizing the cool slider extension, you may put together a slideshow, which will enhance the first impression of your e-shop.

Your latest products, featured items, and so on can be on display with the use of the exclusive widget. This way helps draw more attention from the visitors. After the products are added to the cart, it can be accessed from the top drop-down shopping cart section, which saves you a lot of space. Also, the shoppers can view the cart from any pages.



Bakerop is a free Magento Ecommerce theme for businesses that provide food services. Bakeries, cafés, and restaurants are ideal targeted subjects of this template.

Based on Venus framework and Bootstrap, your website will work efficiently on all devices. Your creative mind combining with a solid template will build a new online store ready for your mouthwatering project.

Chocolate is the chosen color by default, and an attention-grabbing slider is applied. When it comes to food oriented online stores, pictures say not a few words but thousands. Make use of the clean layout and high-resolution imagery.



Grayscale, packed with all the essential elements, can turn all your business ideas into realization. Its minimal design with five distinct grayscale colors will turn most of your work finished. Pick the one you favor: gray, green, blue, red, or orange, and start adjusting and adding details to it.

Grayscale matches well with accessories, gadgets, and jewelry online stores. The banner slider on the front page, which can be managed in the admin panel, is one of the key features. Besides, there is a shopping cart in the sidebar.

When you need support with installing the template, a step-by-step guide comes in handy. Grayscale, a simple, yet sophisticated layout, would make your electronics store look futuristic and gorgeous. Go ahead and give it a try.


The world has been becoming increasingly competitive, so it is vital to make your eCommerce store stand out in the market to attract as many customers as possible. When selecting a template for your site, make sure it complements your brand.

We hope this list of 8 Best Free Magento Ecommerce Theme Reviews will support you to discover an optimum one. If you find that some other themes should be put on the list, please share them in the comment section.

Also, let us know the Magento  and Magento 2 Ecommerce theme you might have used or would like to use in the future for your eCommerce website.

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