Top 8 Magento 2 Themes on Github and Links


If you want a list of all the Magento 2 themes available on Github in one place, you would LOVE this article.

We personally test the themes demo ourselves (if any) to give you a list of Github-link-available theme.

You would find 8 Magento 2 themes, with demo image, Github link, demo link, demo status and the industry it suits.

Have a great time browsing the themes!

1. Optimus

Vendor: StudioEmma

Demo status: Available

Industry: n/a


This is a quite basic theme that extends from Magento 2 Blank theme. The theme has auto-open cart function which tends to make user check out faster.


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2. Craft

Vendor: UberTheme

Demo status: Available

Industry: Jewelry and luxury goods


Craft is a theme that focuses on luxury goods. Claimed to be the first theme UberTheme ever made for Magento 2, Craft also has good page speed and some optimization regarding checkout.

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3. Rapid

Vendor: Divante

Demo status: Available

Industry: Fashion


Rapid is an impressive theme built with an Open Source project in mind. The homepage is full of images that catch users’ attention. This suits the fashion store, and above all, anyone can download it on Github.
magento 2 theme github_3

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4. Fasony

Vendor: VES

Demo status: Available

Industry: Fashion


Fasony is a fashion-oriented theme that has quite a standard font and color choice. This makes the theme actually can be used in various industries, although the speed is a little bit slow.

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5. Absolute

Vendor: swissup

Demo status: Available

Industry: Outdoors


This theme provides a simple user interface for outdoors good vendors. The theme follow good standard of coding, as it is approved by Magento 2 Marketplace for the code quality.
magento 2 theme github_5

6. Strive

Vendor: trive-digital

Demo status: Available

Industry: n/a


Strive might be the theme that is closest to Luma. Only very little elements are customized in this theme to distinguish it with its parents. This makes the theme stay away from bugs.

7. Blank SASS

Vendor: Snowdog

Demo status: Unavailable

Industry: n/a


The theme is Magento default Blank theme, made in SASS. Although the majority of Magento 2 theme make use of LESS, some developers might prefer SASS for its complexity, making this theme relevant and useful.
magento 2 theme github_7

8. Boostrap

Vendor: webgriffe

Demo status: Unavailable

Industry: n/a


Boostrap theme has an old-style design, with the buttons and menu and various other elements in 3D style.
magento 2 theme github_8

Magento 2 theme on Github: In conclusion,

So that’s 8 Magento 2 theme on Github. With this article, we hope that you can browse the best Magento 2 theme on Github.

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magento-2-theme-github our theme

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