7 Amazing Magento 2 Theme Hacks

Magento is one of the most potent platforms for any eCommerce store development. Many online stores powered by Magento have taken off because of not only advanced features but also a variety of themes that none another platform can provide.


However, having many options is not necessarily good. With a considerable number of available Magento theme options, you may find it hard to choose one which you think is optimal for your site.

If you have already opted for the Magento platform, there are several Magento theme hacks for you to take into account.

7 Factors to Pick Up Most Compelling Magento Theme

#1. Focus on visual effects


The first thing that should be taken into consideration is the appearance of the website as the first impression counts. An eye-catching interface can give shoppers a great impression and vice versa. 

Whether the retailers gain or lose their customers depends much on the look of their online store. Therefore, make sure that your E-commerce website, which symbolizes your business, looks elegant and professional.

For instance, a Magento 2 theme with willowy lines and pastel gamut seems a perfect match for an e-commerce store selling handmade products, whereas a shiny theme with block colors works for urban clothing shops.

#2. Opt for a user-friendly theme


The next step is to examine and to improve users’ experiences. A brilliant Magento theme should be clean so that both of the users and shoppers can easily navigate the interface. 

Plenty of things need to be included, such as a convenient Back-to-Top button as well as a search bar and shopping icons arranged conventionally.

Customers are more likely to be attracted to a clean and beautiful interface, which brings them an interactive experience and a feeling of being cared for.

#3. Choose your own style


There are tons of Magento 2 themes suitable for various kinds of industries and multiple ranges of products. You can decide on whether you go for traditional web designs or trendy ones for your online store.
For example, a flat design should be your theme of choice if you are selling digital products while a trendy and glamorous theme is a way to go for a fashion store.

#4. Theme Customization


You have to be sure that a Magento theme is customizable so that you could personalize your site with ease. Bear in mind that even a stunning layout can be dated after a while if it is not constantly upgraded. 

Getting a tool that may come in handy for you to beautify your site on your own is a key. It helps you create an entire new Magento theme but still saves your time, money, and energy.

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5. Banners and promotions


Is there any online store without a banner or promotion ad? No way. That is why blocks and spaces for these things are something you should consider when choosing your own Magento theme.

In fact, almost all Magento 2 themes include banners and promotion sliders, but you are better off checking before selecting a theme. With proper placement of banners and promotion blocks, you can strengthen a marketing campaign and deliver your messages effectively to the shoppers.

6. Compatibility


Your different customers may be visiting from a wide range of browsers and platforms. As a result, you should ensure the theme you are using has a responsive design. 

Checking the cross-browser compatibility of your theme in advance matters even though almost every premium Magento 2 theme is compatible.

7. Connectivity


A practical Magento 2 theme layout should come with the feature: social sharing. It is suggested that social settings be facilitated so that the customers could get updated and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences about your site without difficulties.

Besides, instant feedback about a new product can be gained, and the customer queries can be resolved in as little time as possible. Consequently, brand recognition and promotion will be achieved, which pushes your business forward with ease.


Of course, many other factors are worth considering, but above are seven essential tips that may help pick up a suitable Magento theme for your online store. Meeting all these seven criteria would create an excellent E-commerce website.

Just make your website outstanding by choosing Magento, the most supportive and feature-rich platform in the market.

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