Customize Product Pages in Magento 2 – Best-of-all-time Tips

To customize the product page in Magento 2 is quite crucial when building a website. Besides the homepage, the product page also needs to be carefully designed to attract customers.

Why do we need to pay attention to the product page?

And how to customize product pages in Magento 2?

All those questions will have answers in this article. Let’s get started!

Why Does Magento 2 Customize Product Page Matter?


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The first thing every business pays attention to is the homepage. They try their best to create the most beautiful homepage as it is the first impression of customers.

However, it is not enough. A pretty homepage with a poorly designed product page means nothing.

Why? We will answer right away.

#1. It Is Where People Visit The Most


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People usually search for products more than the brand’s name. Therefore, the result coming out will go along with a link to the product page, not the homepage.

That’s the reason why product pages can get more traffic to your website. In such cases, the homepage is not the first impression anymore, right?

#2. It Is Where People Spend Most of Their Time


That’s true. While the homepage is the first place they visit, the product page is where customers stay to find their target products, compare the prices, evaluate the quality, etc. As a result, when shopping online, customers spend most of their time on product pages.

So, you surely don’t want your customers to experience poor-design pages, do you?

And if that is the case, you can’t meet customers the second time for sure.

#3. It Can Higher Your Search Ranking, Hence, Good for SEO


That is also true. SEO is essential for all pages of your website, especially the product pages.

Such pages include all detailed information about the products, including the keywords customers are looking for. Therefore, that is a room for enriching your content with higher SEO performance on search engines.

Noticeable Things to Customize Product Pages in Magento 2


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After realizing the importance of product pages to your business, you may wonder how to customize those pages to be attractive enough to keep customers stay.

Don’t worry as you have us!

In this section, we will provide the best-of-all-time tips to help optimize your product pages. Please stay tuned with us.



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Responsiveness is now extremely crucial for any e-commerce website since people are all multi-devices users.

It is not difficult at all to create a responsive website. There are several things you need to pay attention to:

  • Plan the design carefully: Always preparing before doing anything will make the best achievement for sure.
  • Make it simple: Please simplify your website, especially pages that contain detailed information such as product pages.
  • Optimize buttons for mobile: You can make use of several buttons, such as add to cart, payment, etc., on mobile devices.
  • Use pre-made Magento responsive themes: Rather than designing on your own, using available and responsive designs will save your time.

You can click on the article of the Magento responsive template for more details and clear tutorials.

Product Visualization


All pages need visuals. And so do product pages.

Product images are the best ways to represent your product values People, when visiting your sites, will pay attention to visuals first. If they are eye-catching enough, they will continue to read the text, and then decide whether to buy your products or not.

Not only creating images beautifully, but you also have to ensure the quality, the suitable size, the concept, the uniqueness, etc. of your visuals. Also, it is better to include some features buy downloading extensions, namely, product zoom, 360° rotation, etc. for images.

In this way, you can surely create the best customer experience.



Any e-commerce business has navigation on their websites.

Navigation is an optimal way to help customers reach their target products faster. Excellent navigation features will save time for shoppers in searching; hence, create the best customer purchasing experience.

For more details, you can find here useful navigation information, in particular, Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension or Magento 2 Breadcrumbs.

Use of Product Customized Options


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Product customized option is one of the most effective ways to build impressive product pages. That an item has custom options means that the product has more possibilities to be suitable for shoppers.

Let us give you an example. When you buy a lipstick, various choices of color are called custom options or customized options. And there are more probabilities that one of those options will fit you than a lipstick with just one color.

So, does it matter?

YES, it does. People love to choose and compare among different options when shopping. Especially when shopping online, they cannot physically touch products. Hence, products without options may be blank and useless for them.

bss-commerce-product-customizationAnd in Magento, we have a tool for that, which is Magento custom product option. It is already supported in default; however, faults happen sometimes.

For this reason, we highly recommend using the Magento Product Customization extension (so-called Magento Customize Product Extension), designed for Magento 2.

At a reasonable price, the module contains various amazing features, for example, creating unlimited custom options, managing in a grid, flexibly configuring, etc. Also, there are several premium support policies for users that won’t let you down.

Please, click on the link to find out more about Magento custom product options.


To sum up, every store owner needs to take care of the product pages, not only the homepage. In this way, you can quickly generate the conversion rate to your website.

We hope that this article with 4 practices will help you create the best e-commerce product pages in general, and customize Magento 2 product pages particularly.

Also, you may find it helpful when using Magento Customize Product Extension for better business performance.

If you have any questions or if you had experiences with any Magento Product Customization extension, please share it with us. We’re glad to hear your ideas! Thanks a lot for reading!

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