Magento Homepage Design – 1st Impression Make-or-Break!

Nowadays, Magento homepage design is one of the very first steps to create an eye-catching website that sells itself, which is one of the most important factors to keep customers stay on your website.

Moreover, a user-friendly template also helps you to provide visitors with useful information immediately when they come to your website. Then, it decides whether the visitors will keep taking a tour around or quit.

Don’t skip this article as we will make you understand more about:

  • The vital role of the homepage
  • Top highly popular Magento home page design templates in 2020

The Importance of Homepage in a Website

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There are so many Magento homepage designs used in the e-commerce market nowadays.

This raises the question: Why are they so popular?

The answer is the huge benefits a Magento homepage template can bring that we will mention below.

Outstanding advantages

  •  Improve user experience:

A responsive home page design of Magento can lead to better user experience as it helps visitors to save a lot of time.

If customers find it hard to navigate on your homepage, they will leave immediately.

Moreover, a good homepage design can scale and respond to the change in screen size.

This means customers don’t have problems accessing the menu, links, buttons or necessary information.

  • An increase in mobile traffic:
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According to the statistics quoted, there are more than 53% of users using the mobile phone to surf the Internet.

As a result, your homepage needs to adapt to this trend and improve your viewport width.

You will notice that there is a dramatic increase in mobile visits and a longer time on your site by those same visitors.

  • No duplicate content penalty:

Duplicate content is a huge problem for every owner of an online store as they can have the ability to control all information.

Visitors can read the same content which can make them bored and leave your website.

With the homepage design of Magento, the issue can be blown away as it has separate SEO strategies and campaigns to produce original and unique content.

  • Better homepage loading times:

A page that is responsive tends to load faster on all the devices, especially on smartphones and tablets.

A visitor may abandon a site if pages are longer than three seconds to load.

Furthermore, by saving visitors’ time, a fast page also boosts the conversation rate.

This speaks volumes about the responsive homepage importance.

  • Better backlinks:
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A responsive page can help you when it comes to building backlinks.

Backlinks play an important role in any SEO strategy because they show search engines that other websites consider your site a reputable source of information.

Imagine that if your page is not good enough, it will bring a bad user experience as well.

Some criteria to optimize your homepage

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Firstly, always welcome your new visitors.

Newcomers should be given priority as if you don’t make them satisfied for the first time, they will not back again.

You need to provide them with the necessary information on your homepage such as who you are or what products you sell, etc.

Secondly, give your return user everything they need.

As they return your homepage, they don’t want to see the same information that they read before and need to get tools or products easily and quickly.

The solution to solve this problem is that you provide them with different layouts and options than new users.

Thirdly, define things shown on your homepage.

Only essential content should appear on the homepage to make sure visitors can understand your business online.

To carry out this, you need to answer some questions involving the importance and the need for an element.

Finally, take control of your customers.

Internet users are often unpredictable. However, there are some useful ways to attract them.

You can add visual hierarchy and call-to-action in your content to make an impression.

They can make customers more interested in your information.

As a result, you can control all actions of most visitors.


After the information mentioned above, you must be wondering how you can choose a Magento home page design that is easy to use and beautiful to look at.

Fortunately, we will highly recommend some renowned themes as follows.

Top Well-Know Magento Homepage Design Nowadays

#1. Destino – Responsive Magento Theme


Price: $74

Version: 1.9.3.x – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Quick view
  • Filter products
  • Multiple listing layouts
  • Multiple shop layouts


Destino is a clean and bright Magento homepage design that is suitable for selling digital, hi-tech, fashion, clothing, accessories and furniture products.

Furthermore, this theme also allows you easily to build and customize your online shop with a lot of excellent features built-in like unlimited colors, more than 14 homepage designs, etc.

It is equipped with a variety of powerful Magento extensions to support your site.

#2. TopzStore – Advanced Responsive Magento 2 Theme


Price: $84

Version: 2.1.0 – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Advanced mega menu
  • Google front included
  • Color swatches
  • Boxed Layout


SM Topz is one of the best Magento homepage templates even though it has just released.

The theme is extremely impressive and sparkling which is promised to gets more customers’ votes.

With this Magento homepage design, you can control the website easily and effectively via full of built-in extensions.

#3. Revo –  Responsive Magento 2 Shopping Theme


Price: $84

Version: 2.1.0 -2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • RLT supported
  • Menu styles
  • Hot deal products


SM Revo is a flexible Magento home page design as it has over 7 homepage layouts and unlimited color that you can change quickly in the back-end.

Apart from that, it is also an easy-to-customize theme that you may use to build any large e-commerce stores.

#4. Etrostore – Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme


Price: $84

Version: 1.9.0 -2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Customize product listing
  • Rich snippets
  • One page checkout
  • Support and free update


Etrostore is a responsive Magento homepage template that is fully customizable and suitable for any kind of store.

This responsive theme can be highly customized and tailored for any heavy Magento store such as a digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, book store, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, and accessories store…

#5. Atom- Magento Responsive Theme


Price: $84

Version: 1.9.0-1.9.2

Highlighted feature:

  • Multi-currency and language
  • PSD theme files included for free
  • 100% table-less design 
  • Social network integration


This is a premium Magento theme for any online shopping store with a clean, modern and elegant design.

In addition, its focus is user experience and usability with unlimited variants.

With the theme, you can surely catch your customers’ attention and create a unique homepage.

Wrapping up

This is the end of this article, we hope you have a better understanding of Magento homepage design.

If you have any problems, please contact us.

We will answer all your questions and give you full support.

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