5 Life-saving Tips About Magento Theme Free

Why & Why Not Magento Theme Free?

As Magento beginners, we often refer to Magento theme free as a fresh start for developing any websites. Free themes are favourable because,  first of all, they are free of charge, which means you do not need to devote a sum of money for the appearance of your website. 

Secondly, they are time-saving and convenient because all you need to do is downloading them without waiting for the designing process, in contrast to custom themes.

Every coin has two sides and, Magento theme free is of no exception. Some free layouts can be so plain to the point that they make your website look unprofessional in the eyes of potential purchasers. They might believe that your company is not financially stable enough to afford a website that shows its distinctiveness. 

Besides, when something goes wrong, there will be no one to help you fix those errors. Lastly, Magento often updates new features to upgrade the quality of the user experience. Magento free theme usually would not be able to support these cool functions.

However, we are here to tell you that Magento theme free is still recommended as long as you follow the tips mentioned below. In total, there are 5 tips that might be life-saving for those who want to use free themes.

5 Tips to Get The Best Magento & Magento 2 Theme Free

Magento thrmee free and Magento 2 theme free

Focus on the presence

As you may know, the first thing that visitors keep in mind is the visual effect of your website. Make sure that you choose a theme that gives off a professional yet straightforward impression. You may pay attention to the colour block, image distribution, and transition effect to pick out the one that most represents your business.

Pick user-friendly themes

Remember that the purpose of your website is to sell your products, thus it must be easy for customers to navigate. You want to have a simple back-to-top button, a conventional setting of the search bar, and shopping icons to reduce the surfing time of your viewers. In this way, it is more likely that they click in to purchase your products

Lean toward social media-friendly themes

We are currently living in an era where social media play an indispensable role in people life, and there is no doubt they can affect customers buying decision. For example, if your theme facilitates social media synchronization, people can instantly get notifications about promotional deals or product updates.

Go for multiple support themes

If you want your website to become global, opt for themes that allow switching to different languages or currencies. In this way, your website could be understandable to people from all around the world.

Select themes that are responsive

Nowadays, people carry smartphones and tablets everywhere they go. If your website could not function or look decent on these platforms, it would be a waste. A quick way to test if your themes responsive or not is to resize your browser screen to see whether the layout adapts to the screen width. 

More carefully, you had better have a professional designer arrange all bocks for specific devices.

Wrapping Up

We hope that with the 5 tips above, you can have a better understanding of Magento theme free, especially Magento 2 theme free in order to pick out the most suitable one to your website.

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