Top 10 Magento 2 Best Themes You Need To Know – 2020!

Do you always have a habit of using Magento themes without fee for your online shop? If you do then you would have missed the Best Themes for Magento 2!

Don’t depend on free Magento versions to develop your website as paid Magento versions can have many benefits for you.

Read this article to have more information and skills about Magento 2 Theme, including:

  • The definition of Magento Theme.
  • Best Magento themes you need to know.
  • How to choose a suitable Magento theme for you.

What Are The Magento 2 Themes?


The picture above is an example Magento 2 theme from BssCommerce called Think.

The theme is a component of Magento 2 that will give a consistent look and feel to your whole store.

It provides an improved look to areas like Magento 2 Admin and Storefront by utilizing a combination of custom templates, designs, styles or images development.

The Magento theme links with the design of a website. 

A well- designed and coded Magento theme will bring positive effects to your online business.

Magento 2 best themes are usually style and aesthetic based on the purpose of the website.

Some main features:

  • Customer Segmentation and Personalization:

With Magento 2 best themes, you can create a personalized shopping experience that can boost conversation rates.

Contents, promotions, and prices can be displayed to specific customers based on lifetime purchased value, wishlist items, etc.

Moreover, you can target to unknown site visitors via products or items they had viewed in their cart.

  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations:

Automated rules can help to determined which products can be shown such as cross-sells, up-sells.

This is a useful tool that allows you to target product suggestions effortlessly to increase sales and order values.

  • Instant Purchase:

Customers can use previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information to skip the checkout steps.

This will make the purchase process quicker and faster, especially for mobile shoppers.

  • Content Display and Preview:

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Your business team can easily create or preview a variety of content updates without involving IT.

This is so important to make content more attractive leading a sales and productivity increase.

Furthermore, you can guarantee flawless customer experience and optimize the timing and impact of site updates by managing all changes via a timeline dashboard.

  • Visual Merchandising:

Optimize product category to drive higher sales by arranging products with a simple interface.

Apart from that, setting rules can help to save time by assign products to specific categories based on their attributes such as brands, prices, etc.

  • Responsive Design Theme:

With Magento 2 Best Themes, you can create an optimized website quickly for any device.

The responsive themes adapt and adjust how menus, checkout, and other features are displayed to fit desktops, laptops or any mobile devices.

Themes are touch-friendly, easily customized and offer SEO advantages

Why Magento 2 Themes Recommended?

There are advantages that can be seen when you use Magento 2 Themes.


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Here are some benefits of Magento 2 Themes you need to know:

Mobile checkout:

  • As technology is increasingly developed, mobile payments are adopting by many shops to create convenience for their customers.
  • With Magento Theme Ultimo, one-click checkout is offered to users to make payments easier and simpler in any industry.

Experience pages and events:

  • When people visit your stores, they want to know more about fashion events to update their trends via Magento Ultimo Theme Guide.
  • With the theme, you can share it with your customers and improve their satisfaction.

More delivery options:

  • The theme offers built-in functionality to help store owners create strategic and seamless delivery.
  • It also transfers products very fast with quick and flat-rate shipping merchants.
  • You can easily integrate delivery options to your clients into your online shops to increase sales and revenues.

Engage via social media:

  • Users can use this to know more about your products.
  • As online stores can jump into social channels quickly and offer videos and stories related to your products.

Top 10 Popular Magento Best Themes 

#1. KuteShop Magento Theme by KuteShop


Highlighted features:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Mega & sticky menu.
  • PRO support & update.
  • Simple, modern, and clear design.
  • Multi-homepage styles.


KuteShop is a premium responsive Magento Theme which can be suitable for any kind of store with extremely customizable admin settings.

KuteShop Magento Theme includes more than 10 extensions providing for your stores with various options.

This best Magento theme makes your website show products and promotions quickly on the home page such as Bestsellers, Lastest and specific products, etc.

#2. Magento 2 React Theme by Novetty


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Highlighted features:

  • Reliable support.
  • High performance.
  • Unlimited footer options.
  • High-quality products.


With Magento 2 React Theme, you can improve your website layouts with advanced adaptive images, high-quality design to attract more customers’ attention.

Moreover, the theme also provides you amazing options to express your own creativity with unlimited possibilities that you always desire.

#3. Magento 2 Venia Theme by ScandiPWA


Highlighted features:

  • First Magento 2 PWA storefront for mobile.
  • Google e-commerce best practices.
  • Conversation-informed.
  • Push notifications and offline browsing.
  • SSR for improved PWA SEO.
  • Cart price rules.


As a first open-source Magento 2 Venia Theme Demo, this theme has excellent functions to resolve many issues such as slow performance, bugs or myriad maintenance resources.

With this theme, your website’s backend with which you are used to is kept the same. 

Purchase it and you will see many advantages it brings!

#4. Magento Groupon Theme by Ves Dealstore


Highlighted features:

  • All modules are used in the demo.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 support.
  • Easily install data samples, themes, modules.
  • No hacking Core Magento code.


With this Magento Groupon Theme, you can make your website more professional like Groupon website.

Moreover, you can create complex layouts within a minute without touching any single code line.

The auto sample data installation empowers you to replicate the demo in your existing Magento site with no difficulty.

#5. Magento Intenso Theme by Intenso


Highlighted features:

  • Integration with Google fronts.
  • Advanced Layered Navigation.
  • Off-canvas Filter pane.
  • Ready to use icon front.


With the theme, you can easily resize your category page to suit your customers.

Magento Intenso Theme can make customers get a sense of comfortable feel when they visit your online store.

In addition, it also allows you to select between 8 available colors to customize star rating colors.

#6. Magento Mango Theme by Moza


Highlighted features:

  • Newsletter popup.
  • SEO friendly.
  • 100% Responsive Magento theme.
  • Instant grid/ list change.


Magento Mango Theme has outstanding features to help you optimize your online stores.

By using the theme, you can change the visual appearance of every element in your websites.

This can help it have the ability to transform information to customers clearer and quicker.

Moreover, you can optimize the speed of your websites to provide useful services for visitors.

#7. Magento Milano Theme by Milano


Highlighted features:

  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Multi layout.
  • Custom banner slide.
  • Easy customizable.


If you are looking for a minimal theme full of must-have features for your website, Magento Milano Theme will be an ideal choice.

Milano has various features such as RTL Magento 2 Support, 9+ demo, etc.

The theme is so easy to use and it also makes your websites more attractive leading to the sales increase.

#8. Magento Sahara Theme by Sahara


Highlighted features:

  • Unlimited color skin.
  • Unlimited header types.
  • Layout options.
  • Responsive design.


Magento Sahara Theme, the newest design, has been created as a mega store Magento e-commerce solution for online stores.

This theme can help you show a sophisticated look and well-structured layouts as well as the most powerful features of an e-commerce store.

You will own many templates with different layouts on your homepage by using the theme.

#9. Organie Magento Theme by Organie


Highlighted features:

  • Grid configuration.
  • Editable CMS content.
  • Website configuration.
  • Time-saving.
  • Visual and friendly.


Organie Magento Theme is made with intuitive and graceful obsessions in mind to serve a huge objective in order to provide an all-in-one Magento theme.

Furthermore, it also brings the power to make your dream shop become true via tons of extensions.

Your online shops will be more high-quality and impressive to serve your clients with the best services.

#10. Outstock Magento Theme by Outstock 


Highlighted features:

  • Customer support.
  • Social icon links.
  • Easy to use.
  • Well-documented.
  • Four homepage layouts.


Outstock Magento Theme is so suitable for your websites as it includes various layouts to ensure giving you the best selection in customization.

Moreover, it is also a professional WordPress theme with a lot of features and variants like responsive layouts, Page Builder, Easy one click to install, etc.

How to Choose Magento Best Themes for Your Store?

Choosing a suitable Magento 2 Theme is an important decision for your online shops.

Have you ever ask yourself if there are criteria that can help you to do that?

We will highly recommend some ways below that may be useful to choose the right Magento theme.

Choose the right theme design

There are 3 criteria elements of a premium website design in Magento 2 stores:

  • Clear Visual Hierarchy

This element refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements of information in a way that implies importance.

With a website designed with a clear visual hierarchy, your customers visiting your websites can understand deeply about the information you provide.

Consider 2 pages below:


Which one do you think more understandable?

It definitely the page on the right which shows an easy way to catch information.

As you can see, the visual hierarchy system helps priorities the content of websites.

In website design, a good visual hierarchy means to discriminate the importance of the contents of a website page.

This can be achieved by setting up the contrasting colors, a large difference in front size or line spacing with the use of font of the text element or images.

  • Consistent Color


Colors play an essential role in affecting human’s emotion immediately.

That is why you need to choose the right color for your website with a view to suiting your customers.

  • Suitable Front

A website design needs to be chosen carefully with the front.

Poor front choice means that your website is not professional and makes customers uncomfortable.

Choose The Theme with Good Technical Attributes

Step 1: Responsive Check

You can check if a website is responsive or not fast by inspecting the demo website.

Then click the devices icon and test will all different screen sizes.


Any theme that makes you zoom to see the content, text or images is unnatural and not well-made responsive.

Step 2: Basic Page Speed Test

There are many tools for helping you to study in-depth and find ways to optimize your theme like GT Metrix or Google Pagespeed Insights

When testing in preliminary consideration, you do not need that level of complexity from a page speed report.


Step 3: Bug Test Overview:

Bug test is a long process in software development.

You can become a customer and try to purchase from the website demo. 

If you make a purchase successfully, view the company’s about and contact page, the theme passes the basic bug test.

Step 4: Compatibility Check

Checking your website’s version via the bottom of your Admin Dashboard.

Then check if that version is supported by the theme in the theme description.

Step 5: Desired Feature Check

You can excel to compare different themes regarding your desire features.

Not all features are equally important, so you need to sort features by priorities and choose the theme that has the most features with the highest priority.


Wrapping Up

Here is the summing up table for you to compare between the 10 themes for the most fits theme to your website

NoMagento Best ThemesProvidersPricesCompatibility

KuteShop Magento Theme

KuteShop$ 841.7.x - 2.3.x

Magento 2 React Theme

Novetty$ 992.2.x-2.3.x

Magento 2 Venia Theme Demo

ScandiPWAContact for price2.3.x

Magento Groupon Theme

Ves Deals$ 841.9.x

Magento Intenso Theme

IntensoContact for price1.9.1.x

Magento Mango Theme

Moza$ 992.0.x-2.1.x

Magento Milano Theme

Milano$ 84 1.7.x-2.3.x

Magento Sahara Theme

Sahara$ 451.9.x-2.3.x

Organie Magento Theme

Organie$ 891.7.x-2.3.x

Outstock Magento Theme

Outstock$ 69Wordpress 5.x

>>> Read more here about Magento 2 themes.

After reading this article, you may have more skills to choose a suitable theme for your online store.

Don’t be indecisive if you want to develop your website to access more customers in the future.

Let’s choose Magento Best Theme in order to serve with the best services.

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