8 Best Choices for a Magento Ecommerce Theme in 2020

Magento is a prevalent website platform that has been utilized by millions of e-shops all over the world. This open-source platform when combining with a stunning template will make all that your business needs.

Frankly, it is not a piece of cake for you to find an ideal Magento Ecommerce theme on your own since the number of templates seems unlimited. Instead of wasting hours or even days digging on the Internet, this article saves you tons of time with the best options for a Magento 2 eCommerce theme.

Go through them and get yourself one that you favor. One thing that may surprise you: They are all free.



Vigoss is such an amazing free Magento theme that is multi-functional and can be used for various eCommerce websites such as online fashion, accessories, furniture, glasses and fitness stores. On the other hand, you can entirely customize a version of Vigoss that suits you best.

Vigoss, with its clean layout, functions smoothly on all devices, from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to desktop computers.

Besides, the brand logo slider, Ajax cart, product quick view, and image gallery are some other features of the template. With Vigoss you can have a stunning eCommerce site for your business that could take you to the next level.

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As a Magento Ecommerce theme, which is free of charge but comes with premium features, Clothes Store is expected to provide you with all the needed to bring your business ideas to realization. 

Because the design is ready to put to use, all that you have to do is uploading product pictures and details. You can certainly customize your site with the theme according to your needs. 

The template’s full responsiveness allows customers to browse your online stores from all devices. Besides, your site is likely to get a gorgeous look given by the parallax effect. In short, the usefulness of Clothes Store will enormously benefit both you and the customers.



If your online store is about fitness and healthy living, FitBody is an ideal Magento Ecommerce theme for you. Also, you can apply it for other niche e-shops if you want. This versatile template will be a fit for all of your needs and requirements.

FitBody is a perfect product for all of you who are new to web design in general and Magento in particular. Even when you are just a newbie, you can still build a fantastic store for your online project with FitBody that helps you overcome all barriers and challenges.

The list or grid category view gives guests a great browsing experience. Furthermore, with other functions, namely retina readiness, parallax, sticky navigation, or lazy load effects, the template ensures to improve the shopping process better. 



Ketty, with the latest trends in web design, is surprisingly a free template which suits clothing stores best. Flexible images and texts always ensure to fit the screen size of choice.

Ketty, a stylish theme, has excellent cross-browser compatibility, so you do not need to worry about whatever changes you make to your page. Your store will be constantly kept pretty and professional, whatever browser the guests use.

Moreover, SEO optimized, this template will be given priority over others by the search engines. This is undoubtedly a Magento Ecommerce theme that cannot be missed.



The simplest is, at times, the most effective. A template contains no unnecessary clutter and no distractions. With it, your site gives the visitors a great experience of shopping.  Covering all the mentioned, it is F2.

It is packed with sales-boosting features. But most considerably, without any special technical skills, you can build your professional online shops on your own. The layout is so clean that you can easily navigate the interface. Visitors will quickly find the wanted products and the purchasing process will not take much time.

Unique catalog and product pages, two of the most critical segments of your eCommerce site, will persuade the visitors to turn into your customers. Make use of them effectively, and you’ll new sales coming in soon after the official launch.



Ebajes has a very similar look to eBay, which makes it fit any online electronics store. Although free, it includes outstanding paid features to create a pro-level eCommerce website. 

It functions seamlessly on all devices, namely mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Its minimal look facilitates loading speeds, giving the customers an excellent experience of shopping.

Your web design can be efficiently adjusted to meet your needs, thanks to the custom admin panel. Utilizing the cool slider extension, you may put together a slideshow, which will enhance the first impression of your e-shop.

Your latest products, featured items, and so on can be on display with the use of the exclusive widget. This way helps draw more attention from the visitors. After the products are added to the cart, it can be accessed from the top drop-down shopping cart section, which saves you a lot of space. Also, the shoppers can view the cart from any pages.



Bakerop is a free Magento Ecommerce theme for businesses that provide food services. Bakeries, cafés, and restaurants are ideal targeted subjects of this template.

Based on Venus framework and Bootstrap, your website will work efficiently on all devices. Your creative mind combining with a solid template will build a new online store ready for your mouthwatering project.

Chocolate is the chosen color by default, and an attention-grabbing slider is applied. When it comes to food oriented online stores, pictures say not a few words but thousands. Make use of the clean layout and high-resolution imagery.



Grayscale, packed with all the essential elements, can turn all your business ideas into realization. Its minimal design with five distinct grayscale colors will turn most of your work finished. Pick the one you favor: gray, green, blue, red, or orange, and start adjusting and adding details to it.

Grayscale matches well with accessories, gadgets, and jewelry online stores. The banner slider on the front page, which can be managed in the admin panel, is one of the key features. Besides, there is a shopping cart in the sidebar.

When you need support with installing the template, a step-by-step guide comes in handy. Grayscale, a simple, yet sophisticated layout, would make your electronics store look futuristic and gorgeous. Go ahead and give it a try.


The world has been becoming increasingly competitive, so it is vital to make your eCommerce store stand out in the market to attract as many customers as possible. When selecting a template for your site, make sure it complements your brand.

We hope this list of 8 Best Free Magento Ecommerce Themes will support you to discover an optimum one. If you find that some other themes should be put on the list, please share them in the comment section.

Also, let us know the Magento themes you might have used or would like to use in the future for your eCommerce website.

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6 Places To Look For A Magento 2 Theme Free

The appearance of Magento 2 brings store owners a greater chance to boost their e-commerce sites with a large number of new features and functions. However, the upgraded version still can not avoid the boredom itself. The platform could be much better if there were more themes to choose rather than just the default one.

For that reason, this post will suggest 6 websites in which you can get Magento 2 theme free

1.       Magento marketplace


This is the official marketplace site by Magento with a great number of extensions and themes. 

Despite the modest number of themes, this site provides store owners both among the best quality Magento themes at a reasonable price and Magento 2 theme free. By directly using free Magento 2 themes from the official marketplace, store owners can create distinct retail experiences. 

2.       Envato market


Envato is a huge store of top digital assets and services. This place will be appropriate for picky people.

The strength of this marketplace is that visitors can get unlimited Magento 2 themes with just one account. Envato is supported by a large and professional community that creates and updates new themes and templates almost every day.

3.       Colorlib



This site not only provides us free themes for Magento version 2, but it also covers premium theme collection that helps store owners easier to upgrade and change their website style.

Magento 2 theme from Colorlib is particularly suitable for new websites due to the simple looks and features. Furthermore, all of them are responsive to tablets and mobile phones. This is the reason for over 450000 visitors and page views a month.

4.       VenusTheme


Besides WordPress templates, VenusTheme also updates Magento 2 themes free with various styles and topics.

The prominent point of VenusTheme is that it has a team of skillful, qualified and up-to-date developers and marketers who constantly seek the newest and hottest trend of themes. Accordingly, you can also get long-term support from the team without paying any extra cost.

5.       TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster can be considered a useful website to get free Magento themes and templates. This is because of its friendly interface with assets and themes categorized into different sections like trending, newest, and from lowest to highest price.

TemplateMonster makes all themes manageable for anyone, a newbie or web savvy individual, to build and customize a new website working with a template using only high-quality design essentials.

6.       BssThemes


Last but not least, BssThemes by BSS e-commerce is one of the leading sources of Magento themes that help publish quality websites quickly with responsive, customizable and beautifully designed themes.

BssThemes team not only offers ready-made Magento themes, but they also help clients in theme design and create unique styles for each business. This provides a completely new experience for clients in building up their websites.

Wrapping Up

The appearance of Magento 2 leads to the demand for Magento 2 theme free and custom theme. Yet, not many of them are perfectly compatible or have high-quality standards that are practically useful for your websites. Thus, we hope that you can find the most compatible themes for your business with our suggestions.

Magento 2 free themes vendor comparison: Magento vs Other

When it comes to Magento 2 free themes, you may ask: which vendor should I choose?

While today there are many vendors that make Magento 2 free themes, the vendor that started them all was, apparently, Magento.

On November 17th, 2015, Magento launched Magento 2.0, which started the glorious series of Magento 2 free themes. The two classic default themes for Magento 2 were: Luma and Blank.

After that, other vendors started to make Magento 2 themes, inherited from default or “from scratch”, premium or free. On the publication of this post, there are 72 premium Magento 2 themes on Themeforest, 114 Magento 2 themes from Template Monster.

In this post, we will compare the differences between the free themes made by Magento, and the free themes made by Other vendors.

For themes made by Magento, you can browse our online live demo.

For ones made by other vendors, you can browse our list of best free Magento 2 themes.

Free themes made by Other vendors

Other vendors are making Magento 2 themes too. Some of them are good and active, while most are forgotten. You can browse our list of best active free themes here.

There are many advantages of using Other vendors’ free themes:

  • Great animation: Many themes are filled with beautiful animation. One of the themes with good animation that we can find is Bentriz, with slow and creative animation. This makes the theme smooth, and the user comfortable when browsing the website.
  • Various design: There is a variety of beautiful design, that attracts website visitors at first sight. For example, Pixtron is our most favorite Magento 2 free theme regarding design.
    magento-2-free-themes-comparison-pixtronOther free themes that are designed beautifully are BizKick and Ves Fasony
  • Contains many UX optimization features: Other vendors’ themes are usually filled with great functions to optimize user experience. Some of the best features you can find are:
    • AJAX Add to cart: makes adding-to-cart smooth by not having to reload the page.
    • Banner slider: gives your website a catchy first look by a banner slider.
    • Fast checkout: let users fill out the form in just one page to reduce the drop rate of users in filling out checkout forms.

There are also many disadvantages of using Other vendors’ themes:

  • Many bugs: Some themes have easily notable bugs. For example, in Ves Kasitoo homepage, at the publication of this post, hovering the product in the second row triggers the hover effect of the product in the first row.
  • Easier to conflict with other modules: Comparing to Luma and Blank, the rate of conflicting with other extensions that you would add to your website is considerably higher when you choose other vendors’ themes.
  • Easier to get color conflict: The themes from other vendors are usually filled with colors that are non-neutral. For example, let’s take the theme Citrine.
    Let’s say my brand color is blue (color code: #002aa7). I go to the color configuration of the theme and choose the color to be like this.
    magento-2-free-themes-comparison-citrine-color-config-adminHowever, in the front-end, the blue color is not applied to all of the sections I want. There are still many sections that have the main basic color of the theme (yellow). This causes color conflict.
    magento-2-free-themes-comparison-citrine-color-config-bug-frontendThis makes my website looks chaotic. I would have to discard this theme and find another theme that would give me more control over the color options.

Free themes made by Magento

Magento only makes two themes for Magento 2: Blank and Luma. Luma is the child theme of Blank, so it is clear that Luma has several attributes from Blank. However, Luma and Blank still have some differences regarding design.


There are many advantages of using Magento’s Luma and Blank:

  • Fewer bugs: Being the default theme of Magento, Luma and Blank have been tested thoroughly and carefully. We have found no functioning bug of these themes.
  • Fewer conflicts with other modules: Luma and Blank are the default themes of Magento 2, making them the most used ones for module developers. For example, all of BSS Commerce’s Magento 2 modules are developed and tested with Luma theme.
    This makes all of the bugs that originate from the conflict of the module and the theme have already been fixed when the module makers develop the module.
    That’s why when you use Magento 2’s default free theme, you would not need to worry about module conflict.
  • Fewer conflicts of color in design: Unlike premium themes, free themes usually come with very few configuration options. One of the most commonly neglected configuration options for free themes is color config.
    If you are new to website design, you would NOT want your website to be filled with too many colors. In fact, when designing the website, designers often use a color palette to convey the desired feeling when customers think of the brand. That makes the brand easier to memorize, regarding visual clues.
    However, if your website is filled with seven different, non-neutral colors, it would be as terrible as this:
    magento-2-free-themes-comparison-color-conflictFor starter, you should have a color palette of your main brand color(s) (usually the same as the primary color(s) of your brand logo), and some neutral color like black, white, or gray. All of the sections of your website should follow this palette to create a sense of synchronicity and unity.
    So if a free theme’s background color, for example, is yellow (non-neutral) and not configurable, you would run into trouble if you have a blue logo.
    The colors used in Magento 2 Luma and Blanks are mostly neutral colors (mainly different shades of gray and white). This makes these two themes easily compatible with any brand regarding color.

There are also many disadvantages of using Magento’s Luma and Blank:

  • Too basic: The design may be too basic to use for products that need sophistication: cars, or jewelry.
  • Lacks UX optimization features: The themes lack many functions that optimize user experience.
  • Almost no animation: Luma and Blank, most notably, barely have animation in any interaction with users.

Magento 2 free themes vendor comparison: in conclusion,

By now we hope that you have had a glimpse on the differences between using free Magento 2 themes made by Magento and Other vendors. Magento’s free themes are more safety regarding both technical and design aspect. While that can be too basic for you, you can have a try at other vendors’ more fancy themes with a lot more variety in design and functions.

Do you have any question regarding Magento 2 free theme vendors? Let us know in the comment section below, and we would love to help!

If you want to browse BSS Themes’ free Magento 2 themes, click the image below to browse Citrine.

[2018 Updated] Magento 2 Blank theme download


In this article, we want to help site owners and developers that have accidentally deleted Magento 2 Blank theme. You have been quite satisfied with the default theme that comes with Magento Community Edition, but when you edit the code and files, somehow you make a wrong decision, and your site’s beauty has gone with the wind. Instead, you receive some message like this:


Now you would want to have your beautiful site’s theme function normally again. There are 2 solutions for this problem: Download Blank theme again and put it in the right place, or run Composer Update command. Today, we will tackle both methods, although we recommend not downloading Blank theme as it does not require the exact version of Magento Blank theme.

Download Blank Theme

You can download Blank theme for Magento version 2.2.3 here.

Then you want to put the theme in the right folder. The original Blank folder is located in [site directory] > vendor > magento. So you want to upload your unzipped Blank theme folder to this folder.

  • First, log in to your SSH account using Filezilla.
  • Locate the unzipped Blank theme folder in Local site (named “theme-frontend-blank”).
  • Locate [site directory] > vendor > magento in Remote site.
    Magento 2 luma theme server directory
  • Drag unzipped folder and drop to the folder [site directory] > vendor > magento.
  • Wait for some minutes.

Using Composer Update command

If you are using Magento 2 with the version other than 2.2.3, then you should use Composer Update command, as we do not provide Blank theme file for all Magento 2 version.

Since Blank theme is a Magento default theme, it can be restored by using composer update command. You don’t need to have any file downloaded to your computer; you only need to know how to input code to config your website, and a Magento account. This method is more recommended for people know how to code.

  • Log in to your SSH account using PuTTY.
  • Input this code:

    composer update
  • If authentication is required,
    magento-2-blank-theme-download-authentication-requiredlog in to your account in Magento. Then go to Magento Access Key page. Create a new Access key if necessary, then use Public key as the username, Private key as the Password. Store your credentials if you want, but we recommend not storing.

Magento 2 Blank theme download: in conclusion,

Now your Blank theme should be back to normal. It’s as simple as that.


So go ahead and try it yourself! Although you may want to download Magento 2 Blank theme, we recommend that you just use Composer update command to restore the site back to its original theme. The latter seems a lot more convenient, bug-free and faster than the former.

So, do you have any more question regarding your Magento 2 default Luma theme? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you want to upgrade your default theme to a premium, rich-featured theme with a 5-star support team, take a look at the theme we spend months developing.


11 downloadable Magento 2 free themes – with documentation


Documentation is the castor oil of programming.

– Gerald M. Weinberg

Indeed, documentation is crucial for the user to deploy and make use of any software. When it comes to Magento 2 themes, documentation becomes even more important.

In our previous post on best Magento 2 free themes, we have listed every active free theme that we can find on the Internet.

However, we understand that it is not good enough since some themes in the list do not include documentation. And some themes’ documentation is hard to find.

In this post, we present to you 11 downloadable Magento 2 free themes with documentation. We even guide you to the location of the documentation, as we think some vendors make finding documentation difficult.

So without further explanation, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for!

# Name Vendor M2 version Compatibility
1 Citrine BSS Themes 2.2.x
2 Ves Need Venus Theme 2.0.x, 2.1.x
3 Absolute Swiss Up Labs 2.1.x
4 Pixtron Hidden Techies 2.2.x
5 Ves Kasitoo Venus Theme 2.0.x, 2.1.x
6 Bentriz Hidden Techies 2.2.x
7 Ves Vigoss Venus Theme 2.0.x, 2.1.x
8 Ves Fasony Venus Theme 2.0.x, 2.1.x
9 BizKick Hidden Techies 2.2.x
10 FreeGo Solwin InfoTech 2.0.x
11 F2 WT 2.0.x

1. Citrine


Vendor: BSS Themes

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Product page > Document


2. Ves Need


Vendor: Venus Theme

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: [theme_file] > guides > documentation > index.html


3. Absolute


Vendor: Swiss Up Labs

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.1.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Go to link.


4. Pixtron


Vendor: Hidden Techies

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Product page > User Guide


5. Ves Kasitoo


Vendor: Venus Theme

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: [theme_file] > guides > documentation > index.html


6. Bentriz


Vendor: Hidden Techies

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Product page > User Guide


7. Ves Vigoss


Vendor: Venus Theme

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: [theme_file] > guides > documentation > index.html


8. Ves Fasony


Vendor: Venus Theme

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: [theme_file] > guides > documentation > index.html


9. BizKick


Vendor: Hidden Techies

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Product page > User Guide


10. FreeGo


Vendor: Solwin InfoTech

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Product page > User Installation Guide


11. F2


Vendor: WT

Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x

Download from product page: link

Documentation location: Go to link. There is no documentation link in the product page, and we have to contact support for that link.


Magento 2 theme free download with documentation: In conclusion,

So that’s it. We hope that you enjoy your time surfing pages of documentation in this list of Magento 2 free themes.

Tell us your thought on this list. Is there any theme you want to add? Any theme’s information is wrong? Tell us in the comment section below.

Interested in our themes? Browse our list of both free and premium themes by clicking the image below.

magento 2 themes

[2018 Updated] 16 best Magento 2 free themes

best Magento 2 free themes

At the publication of this post (06/28/2018), there are dozens of free Magento 2 free themes on the internet. Many of them crash and burn without any care from their makers, namely Database error, not updated to the current version of Magento, Captcha download error or anything you can think of.

However, we still believe in the sweetness of free things on the Internet. So this post lists all of the active Magento 2 free themes till the publication of this post. “Active” means we can see the demo functions correctly, and the theme can be downloaded for deployment or deployed directly on a cloud hostings.

You can benefit from this post if you are a starter or low-budgeted Magento 2 store owner, or a starter Magento 2 front-end developer.

Store owners can save time and money by choosing the themes that best suits their design, with the suitable compatibility and features, and easy installation and configuration.

There are 16 free Magento 2 themes at this moment:

# Name Vendor Magento 2 version compatibility
1 Ketty WT 2.0.x
2 Citrine BSS Themes 2.2.x
3 Ves Need Venus Themes 2.0.x, 2.1.x
4 Absolute Swiss Up Labs 2.1.x
5 Pixtron Hidden Techies 2.2.x
6 Ves Kasitoo Venus Themes 2.0.x, 2.1.x
7 Bentriz Hidden Techies 2.2.x
8 Ves Vigoss Venus Themes 2.0.x, 2.1.x
9 Ves Yume Venus Themes 2.0.x, 2.1.x
10 Ves Fasony Venus Themes 2.0.x, 2.1.x
11 BizKick Hidden Techies 2.2.x
12 FreeGo Solwin InfoTech 2.0.x
13 F2 WT 2.0.x
14 Fashion House Mage Cloud 2.1.x
15 Gift Mage Cloud 2.1.x
16 Accessories Mage Cloud 2.1.x

1. Ketty


  • Vendor: WT
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x
  • Top features:
    • AJAX Add to cart
    • Banner slider
  • Installation guide: Not included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: Clean theme with slow and elegant animation. Although the font choice of the design conveys youth and feminity due to its light weight, the font somehow lacks emphasis, and can be monotone with over-usage. Check out is fast with AJAX Add to cart.

2. Citrine


  • Vendor: BSS Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x
  • Top features:
    • Unique iconset
    • 320px to 4000px responsive,
    • Unlimited color and font choice
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Beautiful theme with a great deal of configurability. It has good documentation, mobile-first design and a modern iconset for free. The design creates a solid feeling that makes this theme suitable for furniture brands.

3. Ves Need


  • Vendor: Venus Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Fast checkout
    • Off canvas menu
    • Banner slider
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Good design with some animation. Looks good on mobile with off-canvas menu. Basic font that can be added with more depth.

4. Absolute


  • Vendor: Swiss Up Labs
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Product quick view
    • Theme editor
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: Very old-style design with good functionality. Very friendly admin UX with theme editor. Also very good in terms of pagespeed.

5. Pixtron


  • Vendor: Hidden Techies
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Product slider
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: The overall design is beautiful with nice color palette. The animation is nice and slow. However, it still has small bug in the buying process (cart page is not accessible).

6. Ves Kasitoo


  • Vendor: Venus Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Products carousel
    • Fast checkout
    • Off canvas menu
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Impressive design with high contrast and negative color choice for header and footer. Diverse in hover animation. Flat and modern design. Has small bug in terms of hover on products on homepage.

7. Bentriz


  • Vendor: Hidden Techies
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Product slider
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Modern and strong design that creates a sense of strength and solidity. Color usage is hot and impressive.

8. Ves Vigoss


  • Vendor: Venus Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Fast checkout
    • Off canvas mega menu
    • Layered navigation
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Has good product filter. Megamenu makes promoting product easier. Has bug after adding products to cart, that changes to other product’s image.

9. Ves Yume


  • Vendor: Venus Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Fast checkout
    • Off anvas Menu
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: The design is clean with few sections. Lacks sophistication. Checkout user experience is fast.

10. Ves Fasony


  • Vendor: Venus Themes
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Fast checkout
    • Off canvas menu
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: Beautiful full-width theme with fast adding to cart. Looks good on mobile with off-canvas menu.

11. BizKick


  • Vendor: Hidden Techies
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.2.x
  • Top features:
    • New & featured product in homepage
    • Product quickview
    • Quick checkout
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Included
  • Our comment: The overall design is great, however it can be improved by containing a little less text in homepage. Great product quickview function in cateogry page.

12. FreeGo


  • Vendor: Solwin InfoTech
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Sold out labels
    • Off canvas menu
  • Installation guide: Included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: The design is mediocre. The product image in category page is not clickable, making category’s UX drop.

13. F2


  • Vendor: WT
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.0.x
  • Top features:
    • Sticky headers
    • New sale label
    • Banner slider
  • Installation guide: Uneasy to access
  • User’s guide: Uneasy to access
  • Our comment: Unconventional full-width design with right-column sticky menu bar. The usability of this menu bar, therefore might be questionable. Popup menu is impressive.

14. Fashion House


  • Vendor: Mage Cloud
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Banner slider
    • Mega menu
  • Installation guide: Not included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: Exquisite design with a lot of blank spaces.This creates a sense of relaxation, and give a clear understanding of the content of the site. Smooth mega menu and banner slider included.

15. Gift


  • Vendor: Mage Cloud
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Product quickview
    • Banner slider
    • Mega menu
  • Installation guide: Not included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: Minimalist design that embraces the use of round square block with large icon and text in image. Easy-to-use product quickview function and.

16. Accessories


  • Vendor: Mage Cloud
  • Magento 2 version compatibility: 2.1.x
  • Top features:
    • Product quickview
    • Banner slider
    • Mega menu
  • Installation guide: Not included
  • User’s guide: Not included
  • Our comment: Design lacks blank space making things messy. Too many colors used.

Magento 2 free themes: In conclusion,

So that’s a list of Magento 2 free themes. We hope that you would have a great time browsing all these active themes and choose the best theme that suits your need.

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Magento 2 Luma theme location

Magento 2 Luma theme location

Where is Magento 2 luma theme located?

The quick answer is in the [site directory]/vendor/magento.


However, the long detailed answer raises up other questions as well. Beginner Magento 2 front-end developers might ask:

  • What is the directory of themes other than Luma as well?
  • Is the theme presented directly to the website visitor’s view in Magento 2?

In this article, we will answer 2 questions above, written in simple English so that beginner Magento front-end developers can easily understand.

Magento 2 theme location

In Magento 2, there are 2 default themes that are used for demonstration of a Magento website. They are Luma and Blank, with the formal being the child theme of the latter.

However, as Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform, various themes and extensions for Magento are developed by developers from the community. And the themes that are made by the community are not located in the same folder as Magento 2 default themes.

Indeed, Luma and Blank are located in vendor/magento folder, while other themes are located in app/design/frontend/[vendor_name]/[theme_name]. For example, our vendor name is Bss, and we make a theme named Thinnk. The location of our theme on the website would be app/design/frontend/Bss/thinnk.


The reason for this is: Magento core are developed with scalability in mind. To keep this scalability, you should not edit any code inside the vendor folder according to Magento 2 official Dev Docs. Any development of a third-party module or continuation of developing current modules should be made in folder app. In the theme scene, the theme files is in app/design/frontend/[vendor_name]/[theme_name].

Given that, if you want to upload a theme to your Magento 2 store, upload to these folders. However, if you want to restore your Luma or Blank in case of error, consider a smarter way other than downloading Luma.

Theme code location that the browser reads

The 3rd-party theme uploaded to app/design/frontend/bss/thinnk is not presented directly to the website visitor’s view.

Instead, in Magento 2, the code of the themes and modules are generated to the folder pub using a deploy command:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


Having a separate pub folder increases the security of the website, makes use of cache and makes developing and installing new module hassle-free. This, once again, confirms the scalability of Magento.

The theme files that are rendered to pub can be accessed in pub/static/frontend/[vendor_name]/[module_name].

  • For Luma theme in pub, theme files are located in pub/static/frontend/Magento/luma

  • For the theme in our preview example, theme files are located in pub/static/frontend/Bss/thinnk.

Magento 2 Luma theme location: In conclusion,

By now we hope that you have a decent understanding of Magento 2 Luma theme location, and the logic behind its folder architecture. Do you have any other question regarding Magento 2 theme location? Let us know in the comment below, and we would love to answer with our knowledge.

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Top 8 Magento 2 themes on Github and links


If you want a list of all the Magento 2 themes available on Github in one place, you would LOVE this article.

We personally test the themes demo ourselves (if any) to give you a list of Github-link-available theme.

You would find 8 Magento 2 themes, with demo image, Github link, demo link, demo status and the industry it suits.

Have a great time browsing the themes!

1. Optimus

Vendor: StudioEmma

Demo status: Available

Industry: n/a


This is a quite basic theme that extends from Magento 2 Blank theme. The theme has auto-open cart function which tends to make user check out faster.


Github link: here.

2. Craft

Vendor: UberTheme

Demo status: Available

Industry: Jewelry and luxury goods


Craft is a theme that focuses on luxury goods. Claimed to be the first theme UberTheme ever made for Magento 2, Craft also has good page speed, and some optimization regardings checkout.

Github link: here.

3. Rapid

Vendor: Divante

Demo status: Available

Industry: Fashion


Rapid is an impressive theme built with Open Source project in mind. The homepage is full of images that catch users’ attention. This suits fashion store, and above all, anyone can download it on Github.
magento 2 theme github_3

Github link: here.

4. Fasony

Vendor: VES

Demo status: Available

Industry: Fashion


Fasony is a fashion-oriented theme that has quite a standard font and color choice. This make the theme actually can be used in various industries, although the speed is a little bit slow.
magento-2-theme-github_4Github link: here.

5. Absolute

Vendor: swissup

Demo status: Available

Industry: Outdoors


This theme provides a simple user interface for outdoors good vendors. The theme follow good standard of coding, as it is approved by Magento 2 Marketplace for the code quality.
magento 2 theme github_5

Github link: here.

6. Strive

Vendor: trive-digital

Demo status: Available

Industry: n/a


Strive might be the theme that is closest to Luma. Only very little elements are customized in this theme to distinguish it with its parents. This makes the theme stay away from bugs.

Github link: here.

7. Blank SASS

Vendor: Snowdog

Demo status: Unavailable

Industry: n/a


The theme is Magento default Blank theme, made in SASS. Although the majority of Magento 2 theme make use of LESS, some developers might prefer SASS for its complexity, making this theme relevant and useful.
magento 2 theme github_7

Github link: here.

8. Boostrap

Vendor: webgriffe

Demo status: Unavailable

Industry: n/a


Boostrap theme has an old-style design, with the buttons and menu and various other elements in 3D style.
magento 2 theme github_8

Github link: here.

Magento 2 theme on Github: In conclusion,

So that’s 8 Magento 2 theme on Github. With this article, we hope that you can browse the best Magento 2 theme on Github.

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Magento 2 default theme: What is configurable and what is NOT?


Having an interface that is beautiful, fast-loading and at the same time matches your desired website design is not easy. It includes understanding your theme demands and finding the solution that fits your demands.

However, there are times that you don’t even need a complex solution to fulfill your needs. There are two Magento 2 default themes that can cover some basic needs for e-commerce stores. So if you’ve already had what you need in the default, why make three right turns to make a left?

This article is all about what is configurable in Magento 2 default themes. By configurable, we mean the section of the website template that is changeable via Magento 2 admin panel.

You can expect to learn about what is configurable and how to configure after reading the article. Also, you can notice that everything that is configurable in demo theme, is configurable in any other third-party theme. So think of this as a training for basic theme configuration.

Disclaimer: Although there are 2 themes in Magento 2 default, naming Luma and Blank, in this article we will only talk about Luma, as it has many improvements in design when comparing to its parent theme. You can also use Luma demo theme right away.

What is configurable in Magento 2 default theme?

There are 6 basic pages that any e-commerce store owner needs. Now we are going to analyze what is configurable in each view. Remember that we’ve red-boxed what is configurable in the image at the start of each view.


Magento_2_Home Page

  • In Header, you can configure the Logo image and the Menu items.
  • In Footer, you can configure the Footer links and the copyright text.
  • In the main content of Homepage, you can choose to display certain CMS Blocks.

You can change the logo to your company’s logo by going to Magento Admin panel > Design > Configuration > Edit the store that is set to your storefront > Header > Logo Image > Upload > Save Configuration.

You can change to Footer links by going to Admin Panel > Product > Inventory > Category, then organize your product categories and choose which to display/hide.

You can configure the main content by either changing the blocks that display at homepage, or changing the homepage block ‘s code. Choose another blocks by going to Admin Panel > Content > Elements > Widget > Widget options > Block > Select block > choose the block you want. Changing the code of homepage block by going to Admin Panel > Content > Element > Blocks > Home Page Block > Select > Edit

Product category page

Magento_2_Tops Women

  • On top of the product listings, you can insert and configure CMS blocks.
  • Just above the product listings, you can configure product view mode and listings Sort options.
  • On the right below the product listings, you can configure the number of product per page option.

You can configure the CMS blocks above the products view of each product category by going to Admin Panel > Catalogs > Categories > [The category of your choice] > Display settings > Display mode > Static Blocks and Products. Then go back to [The category of your choice] > Content > [choose CMS blocks and edit Content Description].

You can configure product view mode options for your users to be List only, Grid only, List (default) and Grid, or Grid (default) and List by going to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > All Stores > Catalog > Catalog > Storefront > List Mode.

You can configure the Product Listings Sort options for your users by going to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > All Stores > Catalog > Catalog > Storefront > Product Listing Sort by.

You can configure the number of product per page options for your users, by going to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > All Stores > Catalog > Catalog > Storefront > Products per Page on Grid/List Allowed Values.

Product detail page

Magento_2_Celeste Sports Bra Tops Women

  • In the product page, you can only configure Product Details.

You can configure Product Details content by going to Admin Panel > Products > Inventory > Catalog > [The product of your choice] > Content > Description.

Cart page

Magento_2_Shopping Cart

  • In Cart page, you can only configure the orders of elements on Summary.

In Cart page, you can configure the orders of elements on Summary by going to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > All Stores > Sales > Checkout Totals Sort Order > [You can set the Queue number for each section here]

Checkout page


  • You cannot configure anything in Checkout Page.

About page

Magento_2_About us

  • You can configure your About page content.

You can configure your About page content by going to Admin Panel > Content > Elements > Pages > About us > Edit

Magento 2 default themes: What is NOT configurable?

Although being very lean and fast, Luma and Blank have many limitations when it comes to configurability. For example, you do not have the option to configure the font size, font family of your theme at all when using Magento 2 default themes. Knowing the limitation of Luma and Blank help you decide whether you can use those themes for your business or not.

Mega Menu options


Having a Mega Menu can be a game-changer for user experience on your website.

According to Hyrum Denney ‘s research on Website Usability in 2012, 100% users preferred web design with sticky Menu without knowing why. The article also suggests that, with the sticky menu, users could cut 36 seconds off for a five-minute visit to a website. Although even Coca-Cola website uses sticky header, default themes do not support this very important feature.

Using Luma theme, you also cannot change the width of the menu shown when you hover. You cannot showcase your products, blog content preview right on the menu, making it is impossible for your users to access the important content on your website fast. This is due to the fact that we cannot add CMS blocks to Magento 2 default menu.


Body text

Do you know that the text itself has a personality? Indeed, looking at different fonts clearly give us different feelings. Some fonts are designed to convey sustainability and reliability, while others give a sense of gentleness and artsiness. Choosing fonts that are not in synchronicity with the personality of the brand is harmful in the long run, as it becomes harder and harder for your customers to recognize your brand and its messages.


Another element that is correlated to the brand image is the color. To create a sense of professional, you should set the color of various elements of your site wisely. These elements are text, link, button, and different labels. Keep in mind that you want the users to connect the color of your website width the product they want to purchase, as this creates a sense of familiarity and therefore increase your website conversion rate.


Banner Slider

Today it is hard for a static website to be found on the internet. So why not create a website that makes users engaged by making your site’s first look so compelling to click? You can do so by inserting a beautiful banner slider on top of your homepage, functioning as a persuading advertisement billboard.

Your promotions, highlights cannot be missed out when you use banner slider. Be like Amazon.com, use a web banner slider.


However, Magento 2 default themes do not support banner slider.

Product preview elements

So what do you want to include on your homepage?

If you are an experienced e-commerce owner, you would definitely know the answer: your best selling, cheapest, newest products and deals! If you have a love for your product, do not fall into the trap of letting your product speak for itself. Spend your love on promoting the products that make you proud, and displaying them on the homepage is a good place to start.

Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_hot_deals Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_product_preview_elements Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_our_products

Luma and Blank do not have a function to call your best-selling in recent time, new products, and hot deals to a block.

A small caveat: the hot sellers block in default themes does not have a function to display products with great sales this month. We can know that by testing with our demo site, Admin > Sales > Invoice. There are only 2 products that are successfully bought this month in the database. However, there are still 7 products in Hot sellers block on the homepage.

Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_invoice_demo_site Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_hot_sellers

Category page elements

High-end customers don’t like to see the price tag right away when they see the product. That’s why high-end sellers do not show the price or choose to defer to do so, so they can have time to showcase the value of their product before giving out the cost.


However, Luma and Blank theme do not support price and ratings display options for product blocks in category. The content is also not available to be aligned to center. The product name cannot be shortened when it crosses a certain length.


Blog is neglected in Magento 2 default themes: there is no blog in Luma and Blank at all. So there is no design for you to showcase your industry expertise as well as do content marketing.

About us, contact

In Luma Theme’s About page, there is hardly anything but the plain information itself. The company is NOT presented in a way that seduces users to read more and buy more. In addition, there is even no contact page. This makes the brand looks aloof, and reduce the experience the users visiting your site deserves.

Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_about_us Magento_2_Default_theme_configurability_contact_us

Magento 2 default themes: In conclusion,

So that’s it. By now we hope that you’ve understood of the main configurability and limitation of Magento 2 default themes. Of course, being a free theme , Luma and Blank are still good for people starting to try out Magento 2.  It can be enough for many basic shops that do not need many configurations in website design.

However, if your business is more complex, and you want more for your website theme, you should consider other options. These are: developing the theme in-house, hiring a custom developing service, or considering other themes. The last option helps you cut the cost of time and money the most.

In this article, we have showcased a lot of demo image from Thinnk Theme. This theme has the exact configuration options that Luma does not have. If you want a more flexible theme, click on the image below to view more about our theme.


Magento 2 theme comparison: Luma and Blank

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank

The whole world is heading to Magento 2 platform when finding a robust solution for their e-commerce stores. The next question is: how do websites in Magento 2 look like?

Magento 2 provides 2 default themes: Luma and Blank.

For just-started users, you can browse our cloud-based Luma theme demos and Blank theme demos right away.

In BSS Themes, we always try to help Magento 2 new users to make better choices regarding their whole website looks. In this article, we will talk about the difference between the two themes that started them all: Luma and Blank.

As we have written in our guide to choosing a theme that fits your needs, there are three main areas of a theme that you should consider when buying a theme: what you see, what you can configure, and how the theme developers support. This article compares the two Magento 2 theme in three areas stated above.

Luma and Blank: What do you see?

Obviously, the first thing you want to consider a theme is what it looks like. Although a theme can contain how many views the developers want there are 6 pages that are critically important to any e-commerce store: Homepage, Product category, Product detail, Cart page, Checkout page and About page. Each of the view stated above needs an independent layout and view, so users can identify where they are on your site.

You can have a very quick look at our website’s basic views here: our Homepage, our Product category, our Product detail, our Blog category, our Blog post, and our About page. To examine our page’s Cart page and Checkout page, simply add any product to cart and view cart/check out.


Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - Homepage
As you can see, there is not much difference in the Homepage view of the two themes. The design of both themes consists of Header, Footer, Main content elements. The only difference is top header and bottom footer element. In Luma, as a child theme of Blank, the design has been added with a little more contrast due to the grey-color top header and bottom footer. In our opinion, the design of Blank is a little pale.

Product category

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - category page
As you can see, in the product category view, Luma theme has been improved a lot, comparing to its parent theme Blank. The Layered Navigation on the left column has been compressed, providing a contemporary sense, making its parent theme seems so unorganized and obsolete.

Another small detail is that when you hover over a product in Product category view, the Luma theme provides shadow effect, while the original Blank does not.

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - product hover

Product detail

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - product detail
There are also a lot of improvement in Luma in Product detail view. Luma separates information into blocks, making the page more user-friendly.

As you can see, by just moving the Product name to the right column and the stock status to the right of that column, the product information is much more organized and easier to understand in Luma.

Luma emphasized product price, which is a very important information of the product. This makes the user easier to notice and remember product price.

The Add to cart button is also enlarged, in our opinion, making the call to action clearer, and more appealing to click.

Lastly, Luma aligns the Add to wishlist, Add to compare and Email section into one line, with a small, elegant icon. This small detail also boosts user experience a lot.

Cart page

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - cart page

The Cart page is also a very important page in your e-commerce store. The Cart page design does not need to have fancy effect. It just needs to function normally and has a look that synchronized to the rest of the site.

By examining the Cart page of both Luma and Blank theme, we can see that the information in Luma Cart page is more organized. In comparison with Blank, Luma resizes the product name, estimated shipping and tax, and order value text  to have a stronger informational leveling system. The previously out-of-place discount section is moved to the right column to fit in the summary block. Blank’s Edit and Remove item button is also replaced by icons to create a more visualize sense.

Checkout page

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - checkout page

The Checkout page is not very different in the two themes. The input name and the input field are made duel-line in Luma, while they are laid inline in Blank.

About page

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank - About page

In Blank, there is not even an About page. There is only Contact us page with almost no content but a form. The About page view of Luma at least contains content that you can replace with your information. There is also a boxed section, separating the content into easy-to-distinguish blocks.

Luma and Blank: What can you configure?

In short, what is configurable in these themes, stays configurable in any other Magento 2 theme. On the other hand, there is no difference in the configurability of two Magento 2 default themes.

Let me demonstrate my point.

Firstly, because these two themes are in Magento 2 default package, they are made with demonstration purpose in mind, not configuration purpose. Therefore, there is little-to-none configuration options for users in these themes. We have written an entire article what is configurable and what is not in Magento 2 default themes.

Secondly, for people who doubt, let’s dive into configurability difference in two themes. Since theme configuration is the main function of the theme, and the in Magento function files are either .php or .js, let’s look at those files difference in themes folders.

As we have written in Luma theme location, unlike third-party theme, the Magento 2 default themes are located in folder /vendor/magento. The two theme folders are named theme-frondend-blank and theme-frontend-luma.

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank folder

As we have looked into the two theme folders, we find only two JS and PHP files difference.

The first one is the navigation-menu.js that serves solely as the menu function of Blank theme, located in theme-frontend-blank/web/js. However, since Luma is Blank’s child theme, Luma can get this menu file in its parent theme, so there’s no difference in function here.

On the other hand, the only difference between registration.php in theme folder is link structure.

Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank PHP files

So as we can see, there is indeed no difference in configurability of two themes.

Luma and Blank: What support do you get?

As we have known, Luma and Blank are made for demonstration purpose.

In Magento 2 Community Edition, you can only have support from Magento official support page. There are 4 options: browsing tech resources, reading DevDocs, finding in Magento Forums, or hiring a consultation from a Magento partner. Obviously, the theme developers provide no personalized support for this version.

In Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, you might receive support from Magento. You can read more about Magento Enterprise Edition support guide here.

Luma and Blank Comparison: In conclusion,

So that’s all we cover in today’s article. By now we hope that you have a decent understanding of like and the not-alike of two Magento 2 default themes.

Again, for further exploration, you can always browse our cloud-based Luma theme demos and Blank theme demos right away.

Do you have any more questions about Luma and Blank? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Magento 2 theme comparison Luma and Blank