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TOP 10 Free Magento Template That Boost Up Your Sale

Are you a store owner? Want to have a catchy Magento template, optimized for the best user experience, attractive, user-friendly with a fast loading speed that can bring success to your business? 

But, let’s face the truth that the default theme that you have is far away from being fancy, stable, and user attractive.

Frankly, it isn’t an easy process to find a Magento template that satisfies all the criteria you’ve set.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s not any template that can meet all the requirements.

Today, we will save you a tremendous amount of time by listing all the free templates considered as the best, full of astonishing features, and they’re entirely free.

A Few Words

The templates in the list are the best, in our opinion, among numerous free Magento templates.

If you’ve been running an online store and want to step it up even more, we recommend you use premium templates.

Magento template

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We also have another collection of premium Magento templates for you. Now, let’s head to the central part.

Top 10 Magento Templates.

The evaluations base on the design, functions, convenience suit the needs of an ecommerce website.

You can try the live demo to get a feel for the store to clarify all the details before deciding to use it.

#1. Vigoss

Magento template


Hot Features: 

  • Responsive Magento 2.0 Theme
  • Image Slider
  • Combine with Bootstrap 3.x Layout Components.
  • Off-Canvas Menu & Header Link
  • Gallery image in the product page
  • Fast Layer Navigation & Filter By Price, Color, Category, Size
  • Ajax Cart & Quickview

Vigoss is a free Magento template for Fashion & Apparel, Kitchen ecommerce website; it’s versatile and multi-functional.

It works seamlessly on all devices, no matter what users are using, from tablets to mobile phones and computers, adjust to any screen resolution for the convenience of customers, and boost the sales of your store.

With Vigoss, you can create various types of online stores, from fashion, accessories, furniture to glasses, fitness clothes, and kitchen. Promise to take your online business to the next level.

#2. Clothes Store

Magento template


Hot Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animated pictures
  • Full-width sliders and images
  • Hover effects fixed menu.

Easy to set up, appealing to the eye is what we can talk about the Clothes Store template.

No need to go from scratch, all you have to do is uploading your product pictures, add the details, your shop info, and your online store is ready.

You can still make further improvements by customizing the look to make it fit your needs.

Clothes Store template is also full responsiveness, along with the parallax effect will give your site a unique look.

It’s an excellent benefit for shop owners when using the Clothes Store template, for its usefulness and unique effects will make your website look way more professional.

#3. Ketty

Magento template


Hot Features:

  • Responsive, quickly adapt to any screen size
  • Cross Browser
  • Custom, promos, new product slider
  • Configurable swatches
  • Ajax cart
  • Product Zoom
  • New admin panel design

Designed for clothing stores, Ketty combines both of the web design and modern fashion trends.

For the best UX, Ketty lets your site quickly adapt to all screen-sized, with flexible images and texts to the screen size of choice.

Ketty is compatible with all the browsers, keeps your webshop stunning, beautiful, and always profession no matter which browser the visitors use.

One more thing, the SEO friendliness of the template will make the search engines keen on your online store, grow a significant amount of organic traffic.

#4. StartElectro

StartElectro theme

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Hot Features:

  • Responsive Template
  • Unique Catalog Page
  • New Product List
  • Premium Product Page
  • Customizable swatches
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

If you are looking for a free Magento template for your electronics store, then StartElectro is the template you will want to take a look at.

With a unique look, you can easily make your product page with different categories for different types of products more uncomplicated than ever.

StartElectro possesses the fluid and flexible modern site canvas working so fine on all devices, compatible with web browsers.

You will get outstanding, practical inner pages, customizable swatches, newsletter subscription widget, and a contact section when you use StartElectro.

Start your online business immediately with StartElectro today.

#5. Magetique

Magento template


Hot Features:

  • Responsive display
  • Unique Catalog Page
  • New Product List
  • Premium Product Page
  • Configurable Swatches
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

Are you running a lingerie store? Then Magetique is an ideal Magento Template for you.

With a fashionable, stylish, and eye-catchy design, Magetique brings an engaging and charming look to your website. You won’t have to change anything of this top-class setup; It guarantees a fantastic shopping experience for all customers on all devices, even handheld or desktop.

Magetique will also benefit you from its dropdown menu, back to top button, icons of social media, and comfy filtering.

#6. F2

F2 theme


Hot Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Unique Catalog Page
  • Image slider
  • Custom page design
  • Unique product page
  • Dropdown menu
  • Sticky header
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

Simple, but in most cases, an effective option to go. No unnecessary distractions, no mess up.

When your customers have already found their desired products, the purchase is just a few steps away, and that where F2 does the best with the excellent navigation and the organized layout.

Furthermore, F2 has unique catalog and product pages, which will help persuade you to turn your visitors into buyers, take full advantage of these segments from F2, and your new sales are coming in soon. 

#7. Ebajes

Ebajes theme


Hot Features:

  • Adaptive design
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Slideshow
  • Promotion banners
  • Filter Products Widget Extension
  • Images Slideshow Extension

Ebajes will bring a clean, elegant, and high-tech look to your website, suitable for Computer Store, Laptops Store, Electronics Store, and Hi-tech Store.

Ebajes proves that it can work flawlessly On all kinds of devices, even a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, and you can quickly adjust and design your website to match every need of yours.

The useful slider extension can put together the slideshow and enhance the first impression of your e-shop. 

With the exclusive widgets, Ebajes will help you to display your latest products, featured items, on sale products, and that’s another chance for chance to sell more to your customer, besides, it also save space on your site, and your customers now can see the cart from any page.

#8. Bakerop

Bakedrop Theme

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Hot Features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Stunning Slider
  • Live Theme editor
  • Quick view Product
  • Ves Brand
  • Deals & Down count Timer
  • compatible with multilingual & RTL Support

Designed especially for Bakery store, Café, and restaurant, Fast food, Wine, Supermarket, and other food-related websites, Bakerop has an appealing design that brings a hungry and desired sense to your customers.

With chocolate color designed by default, no one will be able to resist your creations, thus empower you to customize the theme directly with Live Theme Editor.

#9. Kasitoo

Kasitoo Theme


Hot Features: 

  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Touch-Optimized Deal products carousel
  • Product tabs carousel by rules
  • Off-Canvas Menu
  • Free Magento 2 Theme with Fast Checkout
  • Fast page load time

Kasitoo is perfect for fashion, Shoes, Glasses, Equipment, an ideal option for your original online project.

With an elegant design, your website will attract your customer at first sight and will immediately attract visitors to have them stay, and from here, the menu and the search bar will bring them closer to the purchasing.

The blog section is also one of the highlight features, which will drive even more search engine targeted traffic to your website.

#10. Fasony

Fasony Theme


Hot Features

  • Responsive theme
  • Incredible Fast Load
  • Touch-Optimized Slideshow
  • Smart Testimonials
  • Brand Owl Carousel
  • New Product List

For a fashion project, you will need a stunning premade layout designed in a customer-oriented way, Fasony is designed for your fashionable products to be displayed at its best.

The New Product list of Fasony is excellent for what you have fresh in-store, so your customer can take a quick and fast look at them. Moreover, you can generate more customer trust by smart testimonials, adding into your eCommerce page. 

The brand owl carousel will showcase all the brands your shop carries, and also allow shoppers to click on the logo to be redirected directly to the brand page on your site, and made shopping even more comfortable than ever.


Above are the top 10 Free Magento template that we hand-picked for your website.

Magento template

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Use them, and you can make a responsive, optimized, with an impressive and professional look online web store. 

These templates satisfy your needs and your customers. You can also check out our Premium template list if you’re looking for something that can break all the limitations of the free template to bring out the best in your online shop.  

And if you have any other template that should be put in the list, comment below to let us know, we appreciate all of your opinions.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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