5 Trends about Magento Modern Theme in 2020

Spring, which is the time of freshness and blossom, motivates us to get things renewed. If you run your business on your e-commerce site, you may probably want to refresh it, so that it follows the latest trends. 

One of the most prevalent eCommerce platforms in the world now is Magento that helps you to create a decent online store with numerous supportive features. You shouldn’t wait for your webpage to be developed anymore. 

What you should do is to go through a process of trial and error with the theme, choosing different backgrounds and layout options to satisfy your requirements. Here, we will look at the main trends in creating websites using various Magento modern themes as an example.

5 Must-know Facts about Magento Modern Theme

Listing and Gallery Pages


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When people open a website for the first time, its overall design is of enormous importance, because it gives them an idea of what the website is devoted to. Listing and Gallery pages are one of the most efficient ways of displaying different items and images because you can choose the number and the size of them to be illustrated. 

Besides, a revolution slider will also support you in designing fully responsive sliding galleries to showcase your images. What is more, Ajax layered navigation will facilitate your customers’ navigation around the site, helping them to find various parts of the website quickly.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


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As an ever-increasing number of individuals lean towards using mobile devices to browse the Internet, the speed of a webpage becomes an important consideration.

Such feature as Accelerated Mobile Pages ensures that mobile content will appear many times quicker than regular pages, thus leading to the top of Google search results. 

Besides, the Back-to-the-top button will also improve navigation, positively affecting its easiness. Additionally, thanks to the cross-browser compatibility of this magento modern theme, you can also be sure that your website will look amazing in all browsers.

MegaMenu and Sticky Header


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To enhance users’ involvement and to arrange numerous products of your website, MegaMenu becomes an indispensable tool. It helps to design menus of various complexities and sort out goods into logical categories and subcategories based on your needs. 

In addition, Sticky Header, which you can notice in the theme, will give individuals quick access to the menu when they need to get back to it. Thus, finding necessary items will be an enjoyable process, not a frustrating one.

Ajax Wishlist


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An essential option for clients who are picking up something is the possibility to thoroughly consider and opt for an item that they genuinely like. In this case, Ajax Wishlist can be applied, as it gives your customers a chance to add various items to the list and return to it later to make the final decision. 

Also, looking at the magento modern theme and paying attention to the ability to show various product types on your webpage, your customers can know if the product is available in other colors or sizes, for instance.

Sorting Options


A wide variety of items is an indication of a good business, but selecting one from many other goods can become a challenge for clients. Sorting options will come in handy to facilitate the process of choosing as they let shoppers sort products by various criteria, e,g. in alphabetical order, by best-selling items, etc.

Additionally, you can draw your visitors’ attention with Featured Products, displaying trendy items in various categories. 

There is also an ability to shop by brand, which will attract those customers who prefer buying a particular source.


To sum up, whether an online store appeals to customers mainly depends on both its look and functionality. In fact, there are several particular ways to modernize your websites based on the most recent trends. 

Above are the top 5 trends that a Magento modern theme should follow. We hope that after reading through them and considering all aspects, you can have a stunning online store, thereby boosting your sales as much as possible.

If you have any further suggestions or questions, let us know in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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