Top 5 Magento RWD Theme – Best Option for Multi-Devices Users

Both the Magento CE and EE versions have been released with a new theme called Magento RWD theme (Responsive Web Design).

The great thing about the RWD theme is that the store owners now don’t need to have a different theme for different devices like mobile phones and tablets because it adapts the layout to the viewing environment.

To develop your website and improve the users’ experience, you should install a Magento RWD theme that optimizes all the functionalities of your website on any device.

In this post, we introduce you to the concept of Magento RWD themes and a collection of our best choices, plus the Magento RWD theme demo if possible.

What is Magento RWD Theme?


Magento RWD theme is an approach to web page creation that makes the page layout perfectly fit the visitor’s screen size, and orientation then changes the layout accordingly.

With the responsive web design, all the layouts and images can be flexibly modified following the site style. As a result, it helps provide a pleasing experience for site visitors using mobile devices. 

In comparison with a responsive website, non-responsive sites or sites not optimized for smaller screens or mobile devices are often slow and painful to read.

Moreover, it offers Accelerated Mobile Pages for buyers using mobile devices.

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When using the Magento RWD theme, you can be beneficial from:

  • Getting a tablet and smart phone friendly responsive site in half the time as before, speeding time to market and freeing up resources for different projects.
  • Creating a favorable condition to participate in the fast-growing mobile commerce space and providing you the ability to create a store that is more easily adapted to new opportunities and less maintenance expense. 
  • Offering potential search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from using Google’s preferred approach to mobile-optimizing sites.
  • Saving time from developing separate content per device. The responsive design theme is easy to customize for simple sites and provides a powerful starting point for developing functionalities for more complex sites.

The principles behind the benefits of Magento RWD themes


There are a few fundamental principles that are at the core of how the RWD theme works. Below we’ll discuss 3 of the major components that make it more efficient.

Fluid grids

Fluid grids are grid systems that scale the interface of the website based on the user’s screen. This tool is opposed to fixed-width layouts that always pop-up with the same size.

Even though the term is often used synonymously with “liquid layouts” (learn more about different types of layouts), fluid grids ensure that all elements resize to one another.

Media queries

As new browsers have gotten narrower to fit smaller devices, new challenges have arisen, which is why we recommend media queries.

The latest browsers support CSS3 media queries, which enable websites to gather data from individual visitors and conditionally apply CSS styles.

The min-width media allows designers to implement specific CSS styles once the browser window falls below a specified width.

Flexible images

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges to an internet site is uploading and resizing images.

A simple option is to use CSS’s max-width property, which allows images to load in their original size unless the image’s width is larger than the viewport.

With a maximum width set to one hundred percent of the viewing area, images will shrink proportionally because the screen or browser becomes narrower.

Instead of declaring a height and width within the code, you’ll be able to simply enable the browser to resize images as directed by CSS automatically.

Top 5 Magento RWD Theme Choices

#1. Claue – $129



Claue is an excellent theme for a clean and modern-oriented e-commerce site.

The template offers more than 20 homepage layouts and a store of extensions like Megamenu, Store locator, One-step checkout, Daily deals, Advanced reports, Quick view, etc. 

Moreover, Claue is superior to other Magento 2 themes due to its features, including detailed documentation and guides, easy grid configuration, edit CMS content, integration with Instagram shop, etc.

#2. Porto – $129

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Porto is simply regarded as a better Magento 2 RWD theme for new website design. With more than 17000 customers, this theme has become the most popular Magento 2 theme globally.

Porto appeals to new business because it can operate with a high and optimized speed that creates the mobile-friendliness. 

The most prominent feature of this theme is the high-performance framework base which makes it compatible with any screen resolutions and mobile devices. 

#3. Pixtron – Free



Pixtron is a friendly theme in which admin doesn’t need to know much about programming.

Moreover, the theme brings a clean and modern look for the frontend so that it is most used by technology and electrical devices businesses. 

Although Pixtron is a free Magento 2 theme, it performs well enough for most kinds of e-commerce stores.

With the touch-optimized slideshow, featured product list and mobile responsiveness, this theme will not disappoint you.

#4. FreeGo – Free

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Another free and customizable theme on the list is FreeGo – an outstanding Magento 2 RWD theme.

With a colorful but elegant design, this theme can provide a dynamic feeling for buyers. 

You can build a fully functional store by yourself with the backend panel. However, you may need to learn how to install the Magento theme because it is not included when installing.

#5. Fashi – $98



The last one on our list of Magento 2 RWD themes is Fashi. As the name suggested, this theme is a perfect choice for not only clothes retailers but also shoes and accessories shops.

Using this free and flexible theme, admin can easily modify the layout as well as functionality in your store that creates a customized look for your website.

It also encourages customers to stay longer by eye-catching and stylish overview which store owners can design on their own.


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Perfect RWD themes are very beneficial for web designers and web developers.

With the invention of new technologies, it has become challenging for the store owners to make several versions of their website, but the RWD theme fulfilled all their needs.

Now you have to admit that having a single website that can be used on any device or screen size is a perfect deal. It will not only lessen your efforts but will also help you to increase a lot of traffic on your website.

In this way, you will earn much from your website.

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