Your Website Also Needs Magento Photography Theme To Be A Masterpiece!

If you own a wealth of artistic photos, create them with decorative frames using the Magento photography theme

You can freely choose one of many themes with a variety of designs and styles 

Please scroll down to see some of our suggestions!

How To Choose The Best-fit Magento Photography Theme?

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Step 1: Categorize your types of photos

This classification will help you to identify what kind of images you own in the majority. From there, you can rely on to design the best matchy gallery.

In case you have a variety of image categories with relatively the same amounts, do not worry because Magento can even provide you with many themes with neutral colours and styles. Hence, it will not make a difference between “the house” and your “furniture”.

Step 2: Search for your savior!

Magento-photography-theme _ step-2

After completing the classification step, can you confidently shop for yourself the most satisfying theme? 

Guarantee the theme you choose designed by well-known vendors has the available data and software. Only then can you create professional products to attract audiences.

However, we understand that the competition between tons of themes will make you feel confused. Therefore, we are here to help!

Step 3: Try your decision out!

Magento-photography-theme _ step-3

Before making any suggestions of the best Magento Photography Theme for you, we would like to remind you that you must check carefully before actually buying and using the theme of your choice. 

Please pay attention to their smoothness and safety! To be sure of that, please research carefully in the frontend and backend demo! 

Note that Magento 2 Photography Theme always better than that of Magento 1!

3 Best Magento Photography Theme

Find more pretty & professional Magento themes:

#1. Portfolio Magento Photography Theme ($120.00)

These templates are fully customizable from layout to colour schemes so you can have a wonderful time setting your Website up the way you want it.

Magento-photography-theme _ porttfolio

Key features:

  • Variety of layout option 
  • Icons selection possible
  • Online chat is available for member to converse and share queries
  • Can make sections containing different types of photographs

#2. HandArt Magento 2 Photography Theme ($59.00)

Handart Magento Photography Theme (compatible with Magento 2 only) offers you an online store to sell handmade products and other goods with innovative layout and impressive features.

Magento-photography-theme _ Handart

Key features:

  • Responsive, retina ready
  • 4+ homepage layout styles adapting to all your requirements
  • Cms blocks and banners come along
  • The custom slider homepage
  • Beautiful thumbnail image for each category with Tabs category slider
  • Work with CSS3 animation effects and Bootstrap 3 

#3. Minimal Magento Photography Theme ($89.00)

Minimal’s timeless design uses the pureness of white to create a pristine and elegant backdrop for your online store.

Magento-photography-theme _ minimal

Key features:

  • JQuery slider
  • A sliding gallery that displays four images at a time
  • Including all the pages you need to set up an online store in Magento
  • Free Lightbox gallery integration on the product pages
  • Clean, elegant and easy-to-edit header and footer
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots


Indeed from Magento technology, we have created a lot of attractive themes!

Besides choosing a perfect theme, choose for yourself the other Magento products to equip your Website homepage:

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