PSD to Magento Theme Conversion Service: 2020 Updated List of Agency

You are launching an online project? All you need is a design in the form of images and someone who can turn this idea into reality. If you are a professional developer, the task seems easy. But if not, here the PSD to Magento theme conversion service comes.

In this article, let’s discover all detailed information about PSD to Magento 2 theme conversion and identify the top 20 agencies around the world, which provide this service.

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PSD to Magento Conversion Service


It is easy for us to distinguish between the two terms PSD and Magento themes. A PSD file is a design or a sample that depicts what your expected online store will look like and a Magento theme is created based on this sample.

PSD to Magento theme conversion is simply the process of transforming data from the Photoshop format (PSD) to a Magento theme. It is a brilliant method to build and develop an efficient e-commerce website, becoming a perfect solution for those who want to start an online business.

However, not everyone can be a professional developer to finish the task with ease. That is why tons of Magento agencies have sprung up over the decade to help you solve this challenge.



Although each agency has its own working process, the PSD to Magento theme conversion service has a basic and straightforward workflow.

Step 1: Clients leave contact on the website and receive a reply for a short discussion.

Step 2: The discussion takes place (via phones, emails or the chat window) for the two sides to share stories and expertise.

Step 3: Clients’ brief of ideas, preferences, and requirements in the form of a PSD image is sent to the agency and the agency gets it checked and offers solutions.

Step 4: An agreement on the designing solution is reached and the agency shows a plan to implement the project under an estimated time and budget.

Step 5: The agency implements the process, sends the clients a demo for preview, and gets feedback from them. Some changes may be carried out to fulfil the clients’ wishes.

Step 6: The demo is completed and a full design is sent to the clients.



Converting PSD to Magento 2 theme for an elegant e-commerce website has to meet certain basic criteria so that the final product, a website, can function smoothly.

First, cross-browser compatibility is a must as various web browsers are utilized all around the world. A PSD to Magento theme conversion service has to ensure compatibility across major browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Second, an efficient PSD to Magento conversion process needs to make sure that the website is built to meet the W3C standard. W3C validation really matters to ensure effective performance guidelines.

Besides, the programming written code has to be free of errors to ensure speedy website loading. Furthermore, the website programmed by such a code should have good rankings on search engines. An SEO-friendly one brings you more visitors and helps boost your sales.

Lastly, it is supposed to be a pixel perfect and totally hand-coded conversion. As a result, the website will look the same across all browsers and devices.

20 Agencies for the Best PSD to Magento Conversion Service

NumberProviderYears of experiencePriceOther services
1Pixlogix13Contact- Branding Services
- Online Marketing
2BSS Commerce8Contact
- Module creation and customization
- Magento Code Audit
- Web Development
3CSS Chopper13$149 - $349- Custom Development
4HTML Panda6Contact- Other Platform Development (Wordpress, Drupal, etc..)
5Magentax17Contact- Magento Theme Customization -- ---- Magento Extension Development
- Magento 2 Migration
6Magecomp6Contact- Migration Service
- 3rd Party Integration
- SEO Service
7Kodematix14Contact- Magento Solutions
- Wordpress Solutions
- PHP Development
8HTML Pro7Contact- IT Solution
- Web Design
- Digital Marketing
9Glory Webs8Contact- Digital Marketing
- Mobile App Development
10Markupbox14Contact- HTML/ Bootstrap
11IDS Logic13Contact- Mobile App Development
- Digital Marketing
12Pixel Crayons16Contact- IT Consulting
- Mobile App Development
- Digital Transformation
13XHTML Champs14Contact- PSD to Other Platform Conversion
14Landofcoder4Contact- Magento Extension Development
15Rootways19Contact- Magento Services
- Magento Extension Development
16Sparx IT Solutions12Contact- Mobile Application
- Web Development
17Crest Infotech13Contact- Web Marketing
- API Development
18CodaHTML13Contact- PSD to Other Platform Conversion
19Webreinvent10Contact- Mobile App Development
- E-commerce Development
20Designs2HTML12Contact- PSD to Other Platform Conversion



The company is based in India with the operating experience of 13 years. All the staff in the team has at least 14 years of working in the Magento development industry. Since the establishment, more than 8200 projects have been successfully implemented.

Thanks to its excellent services, it has been rated 4.9 out of 5 by over 520 clients whose job satisfaction ratio stands at 99%, and return ration is 96%.

#2. BSS Commerce


Established in 2012, BSSCommerce has become one of the leading companies in Vietnam, providing the best e-commerce solutions to customers. 

Its Magento certified experts and passionate employees with a win-win mindset are always ready to help customers overcome appearing difficulties. Its PSD to Magento conversion workflow is straightforward, convenient, and effective.

BSS Commerce does not offer the lowest price but the most added value. After almost 8 years of working in the industry, the company has partnered with over 12000 clients all over the globe and succeeded in 501 projects.

#3. CSS Chopper


CSS Chopper is globally recognized as a company being able to provide a beautiful PSD to Magento conversion service. Its skilled expert team can deliver state-of-the-art eCommerce coding. 

The agency has completed a total of 15,000+ projects with 10,000+ happy customers so far. These outstanding numbers are making it one of the best companies which are worth hiring for a PSD to Magento conversion service.

#4. HTML Panda


Having implemented over 15000 successful projects with more than 8000 customers all over the world, HTML Panda has been so far rated 4.8 out of 5 with almost 100% satisfaction for web development and conversion services.

Straightforward communication, clean codes, solid Q&A and support, and super fast, high quality are what its clients said about HTML Panda. So try a conversion service there and enjoy it!

#5. Magentax


With 10 years in the industry and 250 full-time developers, Magentax leads the way in Magento development services.

Give your pixel-rich design to Magentax, and it is certain that the sample will be converted to a high-end Magento theme. Reasonable prices of the service are offered: $399 for a home page. Especially, a discount of 50% is offered for each inner page.

The company has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 by 8358+ clients on over 57485+ successful projects. How impressive the numbers are!

#6. Magecomp


Whether you are startups or large enterprises doesn’t matter. Whatever your company is, you have many options with Magecomp. You can rent its experienced developers on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or even annual basis as long as you sell things online.

With skilled Magento masters using standard coding and best practices, Magecomp ensures to turn your design into a practical Magento theme. Magecomp has been serving 20000+ clients from 120+ countries and completed 657+ projects.

#7. Kodematix


Established in 2006, Kodematix is one of the most experienced agencies in the industry of website development and e-commerce. With attentive after-service support, the company has attracted tons of clients from many different countries.

The slogan of Kodematix – “You think, we create” – says it all. The PSD to Magento conversion service provided by an expert team of certified Magento developers at Kodematix gives you a professional ecommerce store to win more customers through.

#8. HTML Pro


HTML Pro is one of the 10 best PSD to Magento 2 theme conversion companies of 2018 in New York City with the experience of working with hundreds of successful Magento web development projects.

This US-based Magento web design company is a reliable one staffed by the best in-house web specialists & professional Magento developers. Some of their clients worth mentioning are PayPal, Dispatch, and Bootstrap Legal.

#9. Glory Webs


In addition to providing beautiful digital marketing tactics that grow businesses, Glory Webs also can support customers in web design. 

A step-by-step PSD to Magento conversion workflow is clearly described, so you just leave them a design, and they’ll walk you through the process till the end.

500+ B2B projects delivered, 700+ websites launched, 100% confidentiality assured and 100% satisfaction guaranteed demonstrate that Glory Webs deserves your attention.



You’ll have free support within 6 months after hiring Markupbox’s experienced Magento developers to convert your PSD to a Magento theme. Besides, 100% of the money will be refunded in case of bad results and 10% loyalty discounts offered for each repeat order.

The PSD to Magento conversion procedure is simple but direct and effective. All the experts from Markupbox have at least 10 years of working in the industry. They have successfully implemented over 6000 projects with more than 4000 from various countries.

#11. IDS Logic


If you are seeking fast and clean coding for your pixel-perfect theme, then here IDS Logic comes with a prompt PSD to Magento 2 theme integration service. Optimum solutions are come up with to add a spirit to a PSD design, making it a perfect Magento theme. 

IDS Logic has a headquarter and development center in India and two business centers in the UK and Spain. With an enormous number of 200+ IT professionals, the company has been serving 500+ clients all around the world, delivering 750+ major projects.

#12. Pixel Crayons


The service provided by Pixel Crayons is at an affordable price. Global companies from multiple industries are Pixel Crayons’ targeted clients, from tourism, retail, banking, education, media, healthcare to logistics.

Since the establishment, with world-class IT outsourcing services, Pixel Crayons have been shaping online-success for tons of customers, whether it be web/ mobile app development, software development, or web design.

#13. XHTML Champs


As one of the major PSD integration service providers, XHTML Champs has earned widespread critical acclaim from a wide variety of clients around the world.

With its experience and skills, the company always keeps up with the latest trends of conversion services and introduces the most effective solutions to meet web designing and coding requirements. 

Its professional developers are fully qualified in many platforms, and they support customers in carrying out projects with easy.

#14. Landofcoder


Land of coder is established with a view to being a marketplace for extensions, apps, plugins, which are created for popular CMSs such as Magento, Prestashop, or OpenCart. 

Web designing, web application, and custom work are the focus of the company. When utilizing the PSD to Magento conversion service of it, you receive big benefits: a 30-day money-back guarantee, free lifetime update, and Magento support from experts. 

#15. Rootways


Rootways’ strength is to deliver tailor-made Magento themes to the customers. The process is easy. You send them a PSD or HTML, CMS design, and you receive a manually coded pixel-perfect Magento theme. That’s it. 

Even if your design is basic, Rootways can add more detail to it according to your full requirements. So all you need is the idea. Having been in the field of Magento development for a decade, Rootways are among the best at customization of Magento stores/websites.

#16. Sparx IT Solutions


Sparx IT Solutions has found its place on the map of the leading PSD to Magento template service providers. The company has operated and brought its excellent Magento development services to 40+ countries. 

Speaking of this service only, Sparx IT Solutions was able to implement 1300+ Magento projects and gained widespread acclaim of 600+ clients. The company always ensures the high quality of each project and satisfaction of customers.

#17. Crest Infotech


Crest Infotech is staffed by a team of experienced developers in Magento services, including PSD to Magento Conversion, e-commerce solutions, and many others. The company is flexible in terms of pricing, and you can compare it with other providers in the market.

With Crest Infotech, all kinds of solutions are created as long as they are related to web development. Clients can quickly get their problems solved under the same roof instead of seeking experts from different fields, which is really time-consuming.

#18. CodaHTML


CodaHTML is a reliable PSD to Magento Development Company in India. Established in 2007, the company has 13 years of working in the field of website development.

All the issues are addressed by a team of skilled, experienced designers and developers. The prices of PSD to Magento theme conversion service are quite acceptable, ranging from $99 to $189 with a discount of 50% on each subpage. Contact it and start your project!

#19. Webreinvent


Having worked with 200+ companies, including big brands like Suzuki, Reebok, or Voltaic, Webreinvent demonstrates that it is a prestigious agency. 

The strengths of the service provided by this agency are HD images, fast loading, simple management, and easy browsing. Customers start their online project by giving us the details for their wanted products, and Webreinvent is accountable for the rest.

#20. Designs2Html


Designs2Html’s in-house experts always implement cutting-edge technologies to create high quality theming solutions. Magento themes created based on customers’ ideas are 100% hand-coded and pixel-perfect. 

Its track record has reached 3,500+ clients from 75+ countries, which is a testament to the agency’s brilliant PSD to Magento theme conversion service and ability to customize excellent Magento.


Without PSD to Magento theme conversion service, your expected achievement maybe never reached. There have been a huge number of Magento agencies who can make your dream come true. So put your trust in one.

Thank you for your time, and have an effective day of work!

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