5 Magento 2 Ecommerce Theme That You Cannot Ignore

Since Magento 2 has appeared, store owners were given a greater chance to upgrade their eCommerce sites with a large number of new features and functions.

However, the latest version still can not avoid the boredom itself. Custom Magento 2 eCommerce theme could make your site look better if there were more themes to choose rather than just the default one.

In this article, I will introduce 5 places in which you can get both free and premium Magento 2 eCommerce theme.

5 Places To Find Magento 2 eCommerce Themes

#1 Themeforest


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ThemeForest is a huge store designated for Magento 2 eCommerce theme. The strength of this marketplace is that store owners can get unlimited Magento 2 themes with just one account. 

ThemeForest is supported by a large and professional community of developers that creates and updates new themes and templates regularly. This marketplace will be appropriate for picky people.

#2 Magento Marketplace Themes


This is the official marketplace site by Magento, which provides a great number of extensions and themes.

Although this Magento 2 eCommerce theme marketplace covers a modest number of themes, this site offers customers among the best quality Magento themes at a reasonable price. 

Moreover, there are free Magento 2 themes for small and medium retailers joining the market. By directly using eCommerce theme choices from the official marketplace, store owners can create unique retail experiences. 

#3 Template Monster


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TemplateMonster can be regarded as a reliable place to get choices for an eCommerce theme and template. The reason is that the market’s interface is friendly to users.

All the assets and themes are categorized into different sections like trending, newest, and from lowest to highest price. 

TemplateMonster makes all themes manageable for anyone ranging from a newbie to a web-savvy individual.

It is easy to build and customize a new eCommerce website based on a template using only high-quality design essentials.

#4 Colorlib


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Colorlib not only provides us free Magento eCommerce theme collection, but it also covers premium theme collection that helps polish the website with more efficient and easier to upgrade and change their website style. 

Themes from Colorlib is particularly suitable for small and medium websites due to the simple looks and features.

Additionally, they are responsive to almost all screen resolutions from tablets to mobile phones. This is why over 450000 visitors drop by the marketplace a month.

Wrapping Up

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The appearance of Magento 2 leads to the demand for a custom theme in general and  Magento 2 eCommerce theme in particular.

However, there are few places to get Magento eCommerce theme choices, but not many of them provide high-quality ones. 

We hope that you can find the most compatible themes for your business with our suggestions above.

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