Sources to Hire Magento 2 Theme Developer

Nowadays, you can develop a business without having to worry much about the company headquarters. Otherwise, equipping a laptop or a smartphone with the Internet available, you can launch your online store immediately.

However, to create the most effective store website, you may need to be aware of the collaboration with other development partners.

There are two main ideal types of designers for you to hire Magento 2 Theme Developer: Freelancers and Agencies. Which one is preferable for you depends on your company objectives, finance, and time sources.

Here are a few comparisons between Freelancers and Agencies. Based on these elements, you definitely will figure out your most appropriate type of developer.

Differences: Freelancers VS Agencies

Whether your website needs a restore or you need an entirely new website, a website developer can help you to get the job done. 

Though both are for development purposes, each type of website developer would propose different solutions. Therefore, understand the peculiarity of each form will supervise you to hire Magento Theme Developer.


Hire Magento 2 Theme Developer _ Freelancer
  • Efficiency: appropriate with small and specialized projects (SEO, checkout, theme, etc.) according to their focused skills and their sell-their-best strength
  • Finance: much cheaper and easier to negotiate on price
  • Time source: short-term relationship with temporary goals

Freelancer hiring Pros

  • Quicker process

Working with freelancers, you can directly contribute to the constructive discussion and immediately jump to a conclusion without the need for other consultation. 

  • More comfortable

Besides, freelancers can be flexible about working hours as well as meeting and discussion schedule. Hence, the work can become more comfortable.

  • Freely creative 

Also, freelancers are often youth who are ambitious and innovative. Collaborate with those people; you can access the latest trends & technologies in development.

Freelancer hiring Cons

  • Short-term contract

The relationship between freelancers and online merchants is often short-term.

  • Less credible

Besides, you have a completely new project and want to collaborate to develop it? Moreover, your company has not reached a large and stable scale? 

Don’t think twice because you have no choice to work with a freelancer if you do not want to mess things up.


Hire Magento 2 Theme Developer_Agency
  • Efficiency: Including various developers with a set of skills and experiences. As a result, the Agency can easily group in a team and get the problem solved quickly.
  • Relationship: Available to long-term projects because agencies often pursue a long-term plan.
  • Time source: Easier to complete the task under the rush of time.

Agency hiring Pros

  • Quality guarantee

There to say, agencies are considered as groups of professional individuals, resulted in your company’s quality guarantee.

Working with an Agency often involves a written contract, in which the company must guarantee service quality, accompanying future support within a specific period for you. 

  • More reliable and full-support

Agencies have a full dedicated support force. They will help each other to stay on schedule and budget. 

Besides, agencies typically use project management software that many freelancers might not have access to.

Agency hiring Cons

  • More expensive

Agency hire will cost you much more than that of Freelancer because of a large number of employees you have to hire and pay for and because there is a long-term contract that you must ensure before the official collaboration.

  • More bureaucracy

While working with an agency partner, any work tends to have to go through the designer, manager, CEO, and back to the beginning if there is any problem until it matches with client’s standard.

Which one to hire Magento Theme Developer?

To say it again, the choice of freelancers or agencies to collaborate is based on your conditions and criteria.

If you want to know more about them, the website is a reflection of who they are and the results they deliver. ‘How do they talk about themselves? Who are their key clients, and what work did they do for their clients? When was their website last updated?’ are some questions that you should focus on.

Moreover, you should set aside a budget to find a partner that can deliver the best potential website theme for your money.

Hire Magento 2 Theme Developer

Before recommending some of the Magento Theme Developer, I would like to suggest several available themes have been created much cheaper:

Anyway, after digging into the differences between the freelancer VS agency and making your final decision, you’ll have to move forward to the next step: Where to hire Magento Theme Developer? 

The answers to this question are endless, but we have some of the best suggestions below for you to give a try. 




Fast-forward to nowadays, remote connection technology is the foundation of Upwork — the most significant global freelancing website. 

Upwork makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire and pay the best professionals anywhere, any time.

With millions of jobs published on Upwork annually with more than 70 categories (website development, social marketing, content developing, graphic design, etc.), freelancers with over 5,000 skills are always available.

With such a large scale all over the world, you will not have to hesitate about the reliability of Upwork, but just feel free to choose the expectation best-fit candidate.



Freelancer company connects over 41,391,334 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories. 

Here, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, and design. Jobs categories such as sciences, accounting, and legal services are also available.


BSS Commerce


With BSS Commerce, you can completely be assured of their service as they are a Magento Technology Partner.

Their skilled Magento senior developers with mostly over ten years of experience will support you from the beginning to long after and give you the best Magento development service.


Accessing the homepage of the BSS website, you can immediately observe the working sequences they simulated. This creativity will surely attract you because of transparency and professionalism.

Work & Co


Work & Co is a top digital product agency that designs and builds websites, apps, etc. Hence, there is the right choice when you desire to hire Magento 2 Theme Developer because Work & Co can meet your needs.

They have partnered with many large brands, Google, Apple, Nike, for instance.

Most notably, each project at Work & Co is directly supervised by one of their 19 partners to guarantee they achieve the best digital products and services.



Clay is a digital product and UX agency in San Francisco. Any platform, including Magento, is available for them to create and develop.

Clay creates next‑level websites by strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling. You can readily testify the qualifications through their landing pages, marketing sites, or company intranet portals.


You have seen the 2 top lists to hire Magento 2 Theme Developer, but we’ve sorted through hundreds of companies and ranked them for your demand best-fit. 

However, they are all world-class professional working companies; they have full flexibility for their projects to please you. Try to find out and choose for yourself a most reliable companion!

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