How To Install Free Magento Template

A Simple Guide On How To Install Free Magento Template

A Guide on how to install a free Magento template is here.

Free Magento template Giving your online store a new look is one way to create a positive impact and enhance your website visitors.

But, have you known the right way to install a Magento template?

In today’s article, we will show you a step by step guide, so after reading it, you can install a Magento template for all of your stores.

Before Installing!

Almost every fresh Magento Store owner begins with the default theme, it can be a good start, but when your store keeps moving forward, you might find the need for a better-enhanced template with more features and advanced options.

Many great Magento templates can pretty much satisfy your needs.

Developer mode

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However, when you have done your choosing part, the installing part can be a little more confusing and become the part that you worry much more about.

In this guide, we will talk about installing a free Magento template manually by Composer and on the Marketplace.

Let’s begin.

Steps On How To Install Free Magento Template 

Before you install your theme, make sure that you set your Magento application to the developer or default mode, this will ensure all the changes that you make are in real-time, and any error will be visible while you install.

Magento developer mode

To enable developer mode, you have to run a command from the terminal using SSH access, so, log in your Magento SSH account, go to Magento root directory and run this command:

php bin/Magento deploy:mode:set developer

Now you can start your installation.

Install a template manually.

There are four main steps that you will have to take when you install your template manually.

Step 1: Unzip your template package to the <theme> directory, the directory structure you are copying is <Vendor>/<theme>.

Step 2: Next, connect to your account via SSH and run this command to upgrade the Magento application, DB data, and schema.

php bin/Magento setup:upgrade

After that, you can run this command to deploy the static view files of the theme.

php bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 3: Now, flush the cache by this command line:

php bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 4: The last step is to apply the template via the admin panel and activate your theme. 

In the back end, go to the Content> Design>Configuration, then select your current theme and click on the edit button next to the Main Website Store – Default Store View:

Default Theme Configuration

 You will be redirected yo the Default store view edit page in the Applied theme drop-down list.

Apply Template

Choose your new template and click on Save configuration to complete the installation. 

Install a template by Composer

When you use your template s a composer package, you will have to install it via the Composer, and this process is similar to the operation of installing an extension. 

Step 1: Purchase a template from Magento Marketplace or other template providers supporting the Composer.

Step 2: Get the template’s composer name on Marketplace 

Step 3: Then, change to your root directory and run this command: 

$ composer require <vendor>/<name>:<version>

Step 4: Activate the theme as we did in the fourth step of when we install the template manually. 

When you install by the Composer, themes loaded are located in the vendor/ directory and can be stored anywhere in root.

One more thing is that you can’t modify the composer-based themes directly, because they are loaded from external sources. 

Install a template on Marketplace

If a theme distributes on Magento Marketplace, you will have to install it with the Web Setup Wizard. This process is similar to installing a Magento 2 extension on Marketplace.

Step 1: Navigate to the Web Setup Wizard in your Magento backend and Click on the Extension Manager section.

Web Setup Wizzard
Magento 2 Theme Setup Wizzard

Step 2: Now, enter the public key and private key that you get from Marketplace and wait for some minutes to generate the lists of new updates.

Public key

Step 3: Under the new purchases will have an Install button click it, and the extension grid page will appear. Then, select your template and hit install.

Step 4: The installer will start checking your environment now for the compatibility and other readiness checks.

Readiness check

This process will take about 5 minutes, wait until you are redirected to the Success page, and your template installing is finish.



Above is our guide on how to install free Magento template.

The installation part can be a little bit complicated. That’s why we made this How To Install Free Magento Template guide for you.

How To Install Free Magento Template

We hope this guide will help your installing process easier.

If you need any information about Magento template guide or Magento template, comment in the section below, we appreciate all of your contributions.

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