Magento 2 Themes Nulled – A Great Alternative for Premium Themes?

As the owner of a blog or website, you’ve probably heard and encountered Magento 2 themes nulled.

The concept of nulled is like cracking for computer software and games. This means that premium Magento themes have been “cracked” so that they can be activated without valid licenses.

In this article, I will review the top 10 Magento premium themes nulled and explain why you should stay away from nulled themes if you do not want to have serious problems for your website.

What are Magento 2 Themes Nulled?


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Magento 2 themes nulled are known as the hacked or cracked version of the premium themes, and these themes are created by fiddling with the codes of an issue to create it available at no cost.

In more simple words, Magento nulled themes are the copies of premium themes that are unengaged to use, but these themes are created unethically and even illegally.


When you install these themes on your Magento website, these scripts work for his or her developer who has created that nulled theme, and it’d harm your website.

These nulled themes are often the rationale behind the hacked website, I’m not saying everyone will face this if they use nulled themes, but in maximum cases, it happens.

These nulled themes are causing original developers to lose the money, which is entirely theirs, They create themes and plugins by investing their exertions, time, and money on that, and someone comes and steals all their rights, cause them to lose their earnings.


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For a long time, imagine you’re the developer who creates premium themes and exacts the identical happens to you, how bad will you feel?

This is not ethical to create cracked copies of the first premium files like themes and plugins, wondering, must you use those nulled themes and plugins or not?

Top 10 Premium Nulled Themes for Magento

1. Fastest – Magento 2 Themes Nulled



Fastest – Magento 2 themes nulled is intended with intelligence and good UX design for all mobile devices. Furthermore, Fastest Magento 2 & Magento 1 themes provide you with abilities to settle on a totally responsive web store or a mobile optimization theme for different devices. 

Fastest Responsive Web Design makes your website look good on all screen resolutions (desktops, tablets, and phones). Fastest – Magento 2 themes nulled is about using CSS.

Main features:

  • Fly Ajax pro
  • Smart and responsive UX design
  • Magic product zoom pro
  • Megamenu pro – Drag & Drop

2. Gatcomart Magento Theme Nulled for Magento 1.1


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Besides Fastest – Magento 2 themes nulled, Gatcomart is an awesome Magento theme nulled with a contemporary, clean, and fully responsive layout that produces it looks perfect on any devices and screen resolutions. 

It’s really easy to customize, highly flexible, and suitable for any online shop, like fashion shop, furniture & interior store, kitchen store, sales outlet, shoe shop, mega shop, market shop, accessories shop, etc.

Gatcomart Mega shop Responsive Theme is offered in four different layouts. Overall, all of the modules are displayed neatly for your customers to simply find the needed products.

Main features:

  • Daily deals module 
  • Product timer-countdown
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Google Font Support 600+

3. SmartElect Magento Theme Nulled



SmartElect Magento theme nulled is specially designed for electronics, computers, accessories, mobile, vegetables, food, furniture, and match any quite store. SmartElect Magento Theme is prosperous with its color combination. All sub pages are customized. It’s very nice with its clean and professional look.

Main features:

  • Optimized for Fast Loading + CSS Sprite
  • Configurable Swatches Option
  • Advanced Mega Menu Integration
  • Full PSD files supplied

4. MartFury Magento Premium Theme Nulled


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Martfury 2.2 Nulled is now supporting new Magento 2.3.3

A complete design for your online store supported Magento 2 engine. In other words, you’ll quickly change your Magento shop appearance by installing a brand new theme in an exceedingly few easy steps. 

With all of its simplicity, the Magento theme is supplied with all the necessary source files that you simply can edit or extend the way you wish.

Main features:

  • Ajax Wishlist
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Widget Plus – Instagram Feed
  • Magefan Blog

5. Firezy Magento 2 Themes Nulled



Firezy Magento 2 nulled theme is specially designed for Megashop, electronics, automation, digital, lighting, auto parts, car, fashion, clothes, furniture, tools, vegetable, food, automation, garden, and Multipurpose stores. 

Firezy Magento Theme is well-to-do with colors combination and layout. All sub pages are customizable, and it’s very nice with its clean and professional look.

Main features:

  • Vertical Megamenu
  • Secondary product image
  • Configurable Swatch product
  • Additional product tab

6. Sinrato Magento Theme Nulled


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Sinrato Electronics Magento Responsive theme is intended available in any electronic and digital products online store. It’s looking unique and clean in orange, white, and black color combination. 

Every block, content, and details within the layout are logically arranged within the right places. This Magento theme nulled is 100% Responsive, which suggests that regardless of the device, your website will scale beautifully to suit each device whenever.

Sinrato is super flexible with four pre-made web stores that contain many powerful features that you simply cannot miss out on.

Main features:

  • Tab products slider
  • Vertical category menu
  • Subcategories on homepage
  • Blog module

7. Lavenda Magento Theme Nulled



SNS Lavenda is a fresh and clean design. If you would like to own a really unique and attractive design and to undertake to form your way among numerous store owners, SNS Lavenda Nulled may be a high start line for you.

SNS Lavenda Nulled theme has over eight homepage layouts and with powerful features, easy to customize, power admin, cool effect. We hope you may have a good experience

Main features:

  • Brand logo slider
  • New and sale labels
  • Unlimited colors
  • Support style for the blog page

8. Amely Magento Premium Theme Nulled


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Amely Nulled – Clean and modern Magento 2 Theme is a wonderful template for shopping online stores. 

Amely Nulled theme was built for your digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, haberdashery store, furniture store, bookstore, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, and accessories store.

Furthermore, Amely full download is constructed supported remake of MGS Front-End Builder and plenty of extensions, which totally save quite $799. So, it’ll bring influence for you to rework your dream shop into a magic digital outcome that is limitless. Let Amely flourish your business and attain your full potential now.

Main features:

  • MGS Front-End Builder
  • Layered Navigation
  • Guest Wishlist
  • Instant Search

9. Ethan Nulled for Magento 1 & 2



Ethan nulled fashion Magento theme is a wonderful template for a contemporary and clean eCommerce store with over 11 homepage layouts and lots of blogs, portfolios, store locators, and other useful pages. Ethan will meet & fit any reasonably eCommerce sites, as you imagine.

Main features:

  • Editable CMS content
  • Enable-Disable inline translation
  • Catalog Ajax scroll
  • Google rich snippets

10. Dukaken Magento Premium Theme Nulled


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Dukaken Nulled Magento Theme is a superb template for shopping online stores. It had been built for all Fashion and Commerce Business.

Furthermore, Dukaken Nulled Download is made supported by the MGS Front-End Builder cover version and heaps of extensions like Ajax Layered Navigation, Guest Wishlist, Instant Search, Lookbook, Ajax Cart, Mega Menu, GDPR…

Main features:

  • Variant header layout
  • Product variation swatches
  • Instagram shop
  • 360 image view

Why Shouldn’t Use Magento 2 Themes Nulled?

1. Website Security & Privacy


The security of the web site could be a priority for you. That’s why you persist using an SSL certificate, a reliable hosting provider, etc. But you’ve got no idea how badly the nulled themes affect the protection.

The providers of nulled themes hack the initial premium theme using nasty and malicious coding. These themes usually have backdoors, and after you use them, the hackers can enter from the backdoor to infect the web site.


In fact, some Magento nulled theme providers deliberately keep the rear door in order that they will use your website to induce backlinks to their sites without your knowledge. They will also redirect your site to spam links, push ads on your site, and might completely hack it to demand a ransom.

While you put in SSL for the privacy of direction that your visitors submit on your site, the nulled themes can disable the SSL security. The malicious code may allow hackers to steal the private information and data of your users, which can include contacts, usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Therefore, you’ve got to avoid the utilization of nulled themes, which are very risky for the protection and privacy of your Magento site.

2. Nulled Themes Are Illegal


The nulled themes are stolen premium themes that don’t include any license or copyright. The providers of nulled themes remove the copyrighted resources to form them free or offer at lower costs.

There’s little question that the nulled themes are stolen premium themes, and anything that’s stolen is against the law.

The use of pirated themes can lead you to legal proceedings if the initial developers of them file a complaint against you. In such scenarios, you may pay huge sums to lawyers.

The site owners make the error of putting in such themes, especially after they start a replacement blog or don’t want to take a position much within the site.

3. No Support from Theme Creators


When you purchase the services associated with computers and websites, both the support from the service providers and warranty for the services are the requirements for you. But if you purchase the nulled themes, nobody is responsible. Hence, there’s nobody to produce support just in case you face any issues with the theme.

Even if you’re an experienced user of Magento, the support and documentation are needed for the correct use of themes. With premium themes, you get the support of the theme creator in order that you don’t mire

The creators of themes create detailed documentation and supply support in order that their users can easily get things done.

If you’re a GretaThemes’s customer, then you’ll have our greatest support and documentation!

4. Nulled Themes Affect SEO


While you are attempting your best to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing, the nulled themes terribly affect the SEO of your site.

As mentioned above, the nulled themes contain spam links and malicious code, which create a clustered environment on your site. Using the spam links, the attackers can redirect your visitors to other websites that will harm them. Thus, the users will start leaving your site.

Also, the spammy links and clustered environment reduce the readability of the location, leading to poor user experience. Google ranks the websites lower in program rankings that contain malicious content.

You may be using many SEO tricks and blogging tips to enhance the rank of your site, but you’ve got no concept that the pirated theme you’re using is not letting the location become optimized.

5. Can’t update Magento


Magento releases new versions regularly to enhance the protection of the platform, fix the bugs, improve the performance, and add new features. But if you utilize the pirated themes, you won’t be ready to update the Magento version.

This can be another big issue that will lead to website hacking because the attackers comprehend the vulnerability in out-of-date versions.

Also, you can’t get improved performance without updating Magento. You may haven’t any idea about the new features in the platform that would actually facilitate your attract more traffic or make extra money.

6. Discouraging innovative developers


The premium Magento themes are the results of hard work, talent, coding, and designing skills of a topic developer.

They invest their time and money to style such attractive themes. They also must have a web site, create documentation, assign people to support the users, and do lots more for a successful theme.

But after you use the pirated copy of that theme, they don’t get anything for the quantity of your time, hard work and money they invested for the theme. It can discourage such innovative developers from building such beautiful themes.



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The use of Magento 2 themes nulled may be a substantial risk to the reputation of your website and business, which might also cause website hacking. 

On the other hand, the utilization of Magento premium nulled themes has several advantages, regardless of the SEO vulnerability. If you can’t afford the expensive premium themes, then sticking with Magento themes nulled or maybe the free themes may be a better option.

We hope this blog is helpful for all of you. If you have some feedback or need help with it – feel free to drop a comment below!

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