Magento Free Theme

6 Places To Look For A Magento 2 Theme Free

The appearance of Magento 2 brings store owners a greater chance to boost their e-commerce sites with a large number of new features and functions. However, the upgraded version still can not avoid the boredom itself. The platform could be much better if there were more themes to choose rather …

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[2018 Updated] 16 Best Magento 2 Free Themes

At the publication of this post (06/28/2018), there are dozens of free Magento 2 free themes on the internet. Many of them crash and burn without any care from their makers, namely Database error, not updated to the current version of Magento, Captcha download error or anything you can think …

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Magento 2 Luma Theme Location


Where is the Magento 2 luma theme location located? The quick answer is in the [site directory]/vendor/magento. However, the long detailed answer raises up other questions as well. Beginner Magento 2 front-end developers might ask: What is the directory of themes other than Luma as well? Is the theme presented directly …

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